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There is a kind of beauty called marriage silk stockings


When married, the bride will have a request, that is to be beautiful, everyone knows the wedding dress and jewelry matching is very important, but often everyone will ignore some details, such as how to wear a wedding dress socks. The choice of socks must be matched with wedding dresses and wedding shoes. How to choose socks for wearing wedding dresses?

1: socks style

When you wear socks with your wedding dress, you must pay attention to the best way to match the wedding dress styles and fabrics.

If the wedding dress is the style of the awning skirt, the choice of socks is very extensive, from super slim pantyhose to body socks, even knee socks. If you choose knee socks, don't mention skirts during the wedding. It was still rude to show the stockings on such a solemn occasion.

If the wedding dress is a tight fitting skirt, you can choose to have the body effect of the body lift hip tights, or plastic socks. If you have a beautiful figure, you can consider loose stockings or stockings (stockings need a sling belt).

2. socks color

The fabric of the wedding dress has a variety of light colors. Besides flesh color, ivory color or pure white, socks also have many different colors. As long as the color matches with the dress. Do not choose opaque colors because they cannot highlight the lines of the legs, and the opaque characteristics make socks look heavy. Many transparent skinned socks make people notice the leg of the bride. The smooth, transparent silk stockings are more popular, and the transparent silk stockings have many different light colors, such as snow white, flax color, and "petal powder". If you want to be sexy, you can choose socks that shine brightly, or a pair of white mesh socks on a pair of pink socks.

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