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Your wedding dress


I still remember when marketing training classes, my marketing theme involved wedding. At the beginning, I thought that the wedding dress was mostly a product of love. It symbolized the sweetness and happiness between men and women. After watching the movie # wedding dress, was touched by the affection between the mother and daughter, the terminally ill mother personally designed a wedding dress for her daughter, and the daughter to continue to work hard to achieve the mother's wishes. There is no fixed property in any original item. If you give it special meaning, its meaning is more abundant. My mother, although her character is not like the mother in the movie, but I think the motherly love of the whole world is unique and great. Recall that my mother had married in the 1980s and that she had not taken wedding photographs with her father. Although I am not a wedding dress designer, I hope that the mother and father can do the same thing with me when I put on a wedding dress for the photographer to take a wedding photo at some time in the future.

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