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How to use wedding gloves wedding dress?


Among the many accessories, wedding gloves are the least, especially the bride who holds a Western wedding. It not only increases the highlights of the hand, but also perfectly matches the ring. Let's take a look at how to match wedding gloves!
In the Victorian era, there was a wave of gloves. Later in the 1930s and 1940s, this trend was once again lifted. To express solemnity, all ladies must wear gloves when attending formal occasions. It is even more solemn expression to wear gloves on weddings. Today, it is up to the bride to decide whether or not to wear gloves at the wedding. However, under normal circumstances, gloves are still necessary for brides at weddings.
Tip 1, from the color point of view:
In general, you should first choose a good wedding dress, and then pick a glove that is closer to the color of the wedding dress. At the wedding, the bride likes to wear a pure white or beige wedding dress, so when choosing a glove, it should be the same or similar color with the two colors. In the bridal store, you can also ask the owner whether or not he has a pair of gloves.
From the fabric:
The main material for the wedding dress is yarn and lace or satin. So for two kinds of fabrics, matching gloves should also be yarn lace or satin. In order to prevent the overall appearance of a single, gloves can be modified, but not too fancy, distracting owners often have a bad effect. However, if the style and design of the wedding dress are very luxurious, the gloves cannot fall into the conventional style.
From the season:
In the hot summer, gloves are useless to us. But at the time of the wedding, gloves can be used for decoration. Therefore, there is a distinction between fingerless gloves and fingered gloves. In the summer, fingerless gloves can be selected to avoid heat; if it is in the fall and winter seasons, cold hands can be kept warm in the gloves for a short period of time, and the diamond ring is worn on the gloved fingers.

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