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How to perfect your wedding photos


May be due to the tired of the hustle and bustle of the city, now the new is a passion for outdoor wedding photos, into the bosom of nature, breathing the fresh air, and his beloved people together to leave the most beautiful moment, this should be a very romantic thing. But the perfect wedding photo needs not only a good make-up artist and photographer, but also a new couple's own efforts.

Avoid messy hairstyle: shoot on location wedding photos, the couple should pay attention to their clothing, makeup and expressions, especially the hair, because, after all, is in the outdoor photography, hairstyle is easy to wind to blow, stylist won't be able to take a photo of each to give new do a modelling, so they will do some Hepburn head for the bride, crop on location, if the couple love shawls hair style, they would use the finalize the design water or wig, to the effect of fixing hairstyle.

Use props: when taking wedding photos in outdoor scenes, some props can help couples improve the shooting effect of wedding photos, and also make them feel more comfortable to pose. Sometimes those colorful props can make the picture more colorful, such as balloons of various shapes, giving off a romantic and beautiful feeling everywhere.

Sweet smile: when taking a wedding photo, the smile is like the soul of the photo, making it look as if it is alive. Wedding photos are different and photo, the bride and groom must not dress as cool, cold as frost, such wedding photos will not be beautiful. It is ideal to wear a smile. New people can do some exercises in front of the mirror at home.

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Can't take wedding photos on a cloudy day


We can never predict the temper of heaven. Maybe it will be clear and cloudy. Although this is a very normal natural phenomenon, but for the wedding photo hungry bride and groom to come first, if take the wedding photo to meet the cloudy day how should do? The odds may be small, but nothing is out of the question.

Actually picture taken with the weather condition there is no much impact, and a clear benefits have a sunny day, cloudy day also has the benefits of the cloudy day, sunny day, because the sun is too strong, so the photo will try to avoid the sun point-blank, may cause the phenomenon such as halo, has certain influence to the photos, in the cloudy day won't appear such circumstance, and overcast light is downy, when photography, chaperon also can appear very gentle, let the bride have feminine taste more.

Take wedding photos in cloudy day, not to worry about halo of problems because of the light is too strong, it's cloudy thing because no light would seem a bit dark, through juicers lighting can create a romantic atmosphere for the couple, this is the natural can't show. In photography, the new people actually don't have to pay too much attention to sunny or cloudy, as long as their well prepared, believe wedding photography studio service staff would make a perfect wedding photos for you, of course, the premise is to the new candidate for wedding photography studio.

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Choose a wedding dress


1 Oriental skin color is deep and slant yellow, wear white wedding dress to be able to show the skin color of skin darker mute, and wear ivory color wedding dress more harmonious nature. Powder blue, purple and yellow skin can coordinate can instead of pink, pink orange, pink, green and yellow to match, wear pure white wedding dress will be very good, especially the latter, with the groom's tuxedo, can highlight the bride in the different luster.

2 the skin fair-skinneds in vain, almost all the wedding dress to wear, in addition to the traditional pure white and red, in recent years popular pink and pink wedding dress is a new choice, can bring in all the different fashion sense.

3 black sister is suitable for wear what color of wedding dress Skin dark suggest choose some bright color of the dress, can build a healthy sexy breath, can highlight a conflict has a strong sense of beauty. But the premise is that you have to have a healthy, tan and bright skin.

Try not to try such dresses as purple, sapphire, cinnamon, lotus root, copper and gold for those with darker, darker skin. Purple, sapphire blue, can make the skin that is not white originally more show dark and heavy wax yellow, and the color such as cinnamon, lotus root, copper aureate is tonal except it is skin white fair-skinned. Otherwise can with Oriental originally slant yellow skin and dress whole produces mutual fusion illusion feeling, cannot show a key completely, distant look won't even differentiate the boundary of skin and dress outside

Choosing wedding dress is not only to need to understand the color popular trend so simple, the clothes that wear on the body should be matched with skin color, environment, season, this contains a lot of exquisite

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Several compartments in wedding photography


The first style of wedding photography: fashion

If the bride wants her wedding photos to be stylish and modern, it's important to keep them fashionable. Can choose this kind of style, like popular wedding photos of the "Olympics" and "China red" emerge both li and qi of the eve of the new people, suzhou wedding photography comments on these two sets of wedding photos belong to "red China" series. I think it's very representative. "Chinese red" expresses the joy in my heart. It can also express warm and festive air. Happy brides who love Chinese characteristics can test this style.

The second style of wedding photography: romance

Lang love concubine, snuggle together. The style that is full of tender feeling. The bride and groom can have more interactive scenes, such as kissing, hugging and holding hands. This style of fighting can create warm and sweet air. Romantic elements and details emerge. Holding hands for a time, suzhou wedding photography review such style. A light kiss, coupled with the later lace handling, the romantic breath comes face to face.

The third style of wedding photography: stories

Similar to the close-up style of the film. It has a strong sense of remembrance and a story of rebellion. The picture is coherent and tells a beautiful story. In one scenario, this is the post-80s wedding photo that the bride-to-be needs now. A story, a picture of a future-taking wedding, the story of the couple's love, emerged, bitter and sweet.

The fourth style of wedding photography: retro

It has a lot of charm and texture. Chinese and foreign classical or nostalgic styles. Wedding photos have an old feel.

The fifth wedding photography style: nature

It's natural, real and cool. The bride and groom can dress in the couple's clothes and take photos of their love life. The new people are dressed in casual clothes. This kind of casual wedding photo couples look a lot richer. Flirty, angry and sweet. Everything. The photo content also adds a lot of weather in the inside, and the past and the same "smiling face opposite" comparison. Play, play, propose, snuggle, memory, and so on, almost become two people's love record.

The sixth style of wedding photography: simplicity

It has close-up taste and color. A style that accentuates the theme. The bride and groom look and act very prominent, fighting can highlight the good looks and qualities.

This is a group of fashionable and simple wedding photos by the seaside. Small make up feel very is New Year, contracted and not big. Also very clean, the scenery of the sea and the air, have the sense of relaxation.

The seventh style of wedding photography: Korean style

South Korean style of radical and contemporary costume (south Korean style). Bulking the bride's sweetness and gentleness.

Recently we have received a lot of young people's attention. The bride in the works is beautiful and elegant, with beautiful traditional Korean costumes, elegant Korean scenery plans and weird Korean make-up styles. Korean wedding photos with thick Korean style. Typical style of Korean wedding photos.

The eighth style of wedding photography: avant-garde

Demand a difference outstanding words, alternative vanguard of the implementation of the style. The bride pursues novelty.

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How to choose a veil according


Brides in choosing a veil, in order to choose the most suitable veil of the bride's face, show the most unique temperament and beautiful, so also there are many factors to consider, what according to face to choose the veil!

Choose a veil or round face according to the bride's face shape

If you have a full moon face, you should choose to cover your face with a veil to make it look smaller.

Choose veil 2, heart-shaped or triangular faces according to the bride's face shape

You may want to widen the jawline a bit, but you'd better choose a veil over the back.

Choose veil 3, oval shape according to the bride's face shape

If you happen to be this type of face, your face is symmetrical, so you can choose any type of veil.

Choose a veil 4, square or rectangular face according to the bride's face shape

If you have a square face, you'd better choose a long veil, which will soften the contours of your face.

Choose veil 5 and long face according to the bride's face shape

If you have a long face, don't opt for a narrow veil, which will only make your face appear longer. Opt for a slightly wider veil.

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The pure white wedding dress Bridal charm on the body


In China, on the day of wedding celebrations, there are naturally fewer beautiful Chinese reds. With the introduction of western marriage ideas, many newcomers have begun to accept Western-style weddings. Then in the wedding, the bride generally chooses white yarn as her dress in addition to the traditional Chinese cheongsam. Pure white wedding dress has always been loved by new people. White is a symbol of purity, sincerity and innocence in the West. White yarn is becoming more and more popular in China. Let's take a look at the popular white gauze styles in the wedding today. High-split wedding dress, oblique shoulder design, sleeveless and sleeved contrast, trim, simple and stylish. Waist decorative embellishment more prominent women's curves.
Nightdress-style wedding dress, double shoulder straps to create a floral style, set off the sexy collarbone. Lace's floret-embossed skirt embosses innocence and romance on the underside of the chest and the side of the veil. The sleek multi-layer wedding dress is light and pure, with a soft texture to create a dreamy and beautiful bride.
White yarn is a wedding dress style that is more popular for weddings. It can be said to have different characteristics, but it is a good representation of the bride's graceful posture, perfect curves and elegant temperament. Bridal brides may wish to try such a pure white wedding dress, your wedding dress may become unique.

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How to choose the right wedding dress


A good wardrobe always let a person look good, no matter what kind of person you are, dress can be seen on a person's nature, the tailor makes the man horse saddle, a good outfit also can show a person's temperament, to beginners of photography, photography should be how to choose the wedding dress, this is a very important problem, only choose the right wedding photos, to make their wedding photos more beautiful.

In the eyes of most people, it must be the most beautiful wedding dress, it is not wrong, but the couple when the choice, must consider first what kind of style that oneself like, what style you want to shoot wedding photos, if you take a landscapes in dahongpao it's not appropriate, so the couple must choose yourself first before selecting clothes to the style of the filming.

Before choosing the right style for the shoot, it's time for the couple to choose a wedding dress. Now a lot of wedding photography studio will buy some beautiful dress, set auger, particularly costly, but it is especially you wear a wedding dress to thousands of dollars, this is not everyone can wear, and the wedding dress is not suitable for taking pictures, this will only make clothes become bright spot and ignore the existence of the bride.

Want to shoot a good wedding photos, the couple must first choose a good wedding photography studio, dalian feather impression wedding photography all have their own version of the design and production, is based on Chinese unique style design, both the Chinese elements with foreign style, the most important is completely designed for photography, this is the only one, unique.

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White wedding dress selection take what accessories Fashion


Because of pure and beautiful, personality black, romantic pink, mysterious purple ... ... but ultimately arrived in the classic white.
In 1840, in the King James Hall, Queen Victoria put on the first white wedding dress in history. Dressed in a white dress made of beautiful Chinese brocade, the trailing 18 feet, coupled with the white veil, the pure white from start to finish stunning the audience, but also stunning the entire world.
It is important to want to choose the one you like from a dazzling array of white wedding gowns, but Fashion has become the key to getting more perfect results.
First of all, you have to determine the color of the shoes. Although on this day, the red color represents festive celebration, and red has always been the theme color of Chinese wedding traditions, but this does not seem like a white wedding dress. Therefore, the white yarn should also be made of silver high-heeled shoes.
Second, the choice of underwear is still relatively simple. White wedding dress in the choice of matching underwear should be based on their own choice of wedding style to match, but the general choice of a more fixed color, then the color of light or light-based, in order to avoid uncoordinated conditions.
In the end, the most important and obvious necklace was. The wear of the necklace is determined according to the style of the selected wedding dress, most of the newcomers are still mainly diamonds, because it looks noble and elegant, this is the right choice. But be sure to pay attention. Oh, too fancy white wedding dress is not suitable for wearing a necklace.

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How can a girl friend marry


My best friend is going to get married. How can her wedding be without you? In addition to your best wishes, you should dress beautifully to the wedding, and also for yourself some lucky. Xiamen wedding photo editor this time for you to recommend the supertemperament department bridesmaid skirt, immediately for you to attract peach flowers.

How could her wedding get rid of you

Sexy princess chiffon cocktail dress

A strapless dress can be said to be the one that best reflects the curve of a woman, with a sleek nude back that is beautifully curved, and a special layer of chiffon on the upper body that blends beautifully with a slim waist belt. Outstanding sweet lovely princess temperament!

2. Korean mini dress with a lovely bow

The design that wipes a bosom to collect waist already reveals the temptation of sweet shoulder very show figure again, the big bowknot before the bosom is very bright eye, very lovely, still can decorate the defect of beautiful woman of flat bosom oh. Xiamen wedding photography studio

Purple net gauze pompadour skirt

Also very European and American style of a small dress, a single shoulder design more sexy, shoulder and upper body is encrusted with water diamonds, shimmering dress very beautiful. Also very delicate very high-grade dress, wear it to be the focal point of the entire court.

Red strapless dress with strapless shoulders

Very fresh and bright red, looks very energetic. At the wedding, the attention immediately, the short style of clothing and a little low profile, will not steal the bride's spotlight. Skirt is very light and elegant, give a person build the feeling of oxygen beauty. Xiamen wedding photography top 10

Pink strapless dress with chest and hips

The chest is a cross - tiered chiffon technology, can modify the chest curve. The irregular bottom of the bag buttock appears very slim, very good cover wide buttock thick leg, return you a S sexy figure.

European and American style chest rhinestone dress

A European and American style dress with super love. The rhinestone design on the breast is very delicate. The multi-layer transparent gauze is very simple.

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What to watch out for when attending a good friend's wedding


If you are of marriageable age, your classmates and friends will get married soon, and you will be attending their wedding. Sometimes very close friends will put you on the list of people who can help, and that's when we need to step up to the front line of the wedding service and make a small contribution to the upcoming wedding. What do you need to do? It is part of being a friend to serve guests and friends.

In some more formal weddings, friends also have an important role to play, which is to cooperate. Sometimes the host is too monotonous to move the atmosphere, at this time, the elders must not allow them, and the ordinary guests feel that the matter is irrelevant. Then you as the new guy's best friend need to step up and make some jokes, or interact with the guests to make the whole place feel good.

It's also important to note that you, as a good friend, are going to let your gift go when the number of gifts ordered by the couple is not enough and some guests will be snubbed. Of course, this is a small thing, but it is necessary to prepare. Or you may want to help the couple put up posters at the entrance of the hotel, pick up guests at the airport, and so on.

Be resourceful about the small issues that come up during a wedding, so you can prepare for your own wedding in the future. Now that you've made a contribution to your friends, they'll help you with your wedding, too.

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