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Nikkah Ceremonies must be Simple


Talking about the history of nikkah, there is no doubt that the first marriage was performed by Allah himself, between Adam(A.S) and Hawa(A.S).

“Dwell you and your wife in paradise” – (Al-Baqarah)

It is a divine union made by Allah. It is a gift from Him and it should not go beyond His limits. What was supposed to be a beautiful and a natural practice, has now become a source of evil in the present society.

Talking about Kashmir, Nikkah here has lost its true value. People don’t know what Nikkah means- that is two people to come under the shade of Allah’.

People here take recourse to elaborate and extravagant weddings. They take out a huge amount of loan just for taking part in things that are prohibited, even if they don’t have enough resources for organizing such a big wedding. For the sake of pleasing their relatives and other people, and for what people are going to say, they put themselves in a situation that creates a problem for them in the future. Like we see, people have created different sessions of marriage like Henna night, Reception, solemnization and so on and every session has its own traditions (not defined anywhere). For example, if we consider “Mehandiraat” (the day before reception), a lot of money is wasted that night. People gather along with the singers and dancers and start doing things that are inappropriate.

We are responsible for bringing up these problems to ourselves. It is evident from the fights and arguments that occur during the time of wedding, that the Shayateen are prominent in our practices. One relative turns against another, over petty issues, leading to conflicts.

Another problem which is a relatively more serious concern, and affects the future of the couple is “Wartaav” (a gift for the one who is getting married; usually money). If we dwell a little bit into the history of Wartaav, it was given to the people as a gift who were financially poor by their relatives or friends. This was a source of help for them. The intention behind giving money was only to help. It was a wonderful tradition which has turned into a burden and a curse for society. The people, who are invited to the wedding, feel obliged to pay. They just can’t go with their empty hands and pockets. And yes, their payment is noted by the recipient, so that when it comes to his turn of paying on the occasion of someone else’s wedding, they will return a similar amount or a little bit more than that, to somehow portray, superiority. And, this “Tit for Tat” relationship violates the importance of brotherhood and Nikkah which also a sometimes becomes the reason for some people to not attend a wedding- just because they couldn’t afford to present a significant amount of money or buy expensive gifts.

On the other hand, the newly married couple also suffers due to this gift exchanging ritual. They receive expensive gifts from others but there comes a time when they must return it back, one way or the other. This leads to financial distress which can become a cause of divorces today.

Apart from all this, there’s the obvious wastage of money and resources. A humungous amount of food is wasted in our weddings like it’s no big deal. A significant amount of money is exchanged between the two families in the form of gold and jewelry, which, again is unnecessary and immoral. Our Deen has given a way out for every situation and every problem in life. Islam demands a certain amount of money to be paid to the bride by the groom, called ‘Mahr’, in order to complete the Nikkah. Apart from this, there is no need for any more unnecessary customs which only bring more and more problems. People nowadays reduce the amount of Mahr as much as they can, and give more “gifts” and “presents” to the bride, so that in the future if need be, this will help their own selves. Mahr, cannot be used by the husband in any way and is solely the property of the bride.

Simplicity is beautiful and our Deen is the epitome of simplicity. We are the ones who make it complicated. Walima is a practice that is encouraged by Islam, and we should, if we can, oblige to it, and by keeping it simple, we can invite a whole lot of people in a way that benefits all. The relationship between a husband and his wife is supposed to be built on love and trust. By bringing in these evil traditions into practice, we are inviting Shaitaan to ruin this relationship and everything related to it.

Now is the time we need to open our eyes and look where we stand. Every citizen of Kashmir should work on this issue in order to save themselves from a big heartache. We should not care what others do because one person makes a huge difference. Just think about the time of Prophet(PBUH). Only a few people accepted Islam that time and today the second largest population of the world is that of Muslims. We just have to make a start and be positive about our efforts, and leave all the rest to Allah.Read more at:bridesmaid dresses sydney | bridesmaid dresses melbourne


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Actor Ileana D’Cruz was spotted in Mumbai yesterday

A gem of a wedding

LEADING jeweller and connoisseur Viren Bhagat’s son Jay is getting married this week to Pune-based media honcho Sabina and Anil Sanghvi’s daughter Shibani. The festivities began last weekend in Pune itself, with a wedding card handdrawn by the late artist MF Husain for the bride when she was a child, and a big-fat-splashy sangeet. A mega reception is being hosted at a swanky palace hotel in Jodhpur this weekend. For the sangeet, Shibani wore a beautiful Gaurav Gupta lehenga-gown. Singer Mika performed for over three hours to a swinging guest-list that included Cyrus Poonawalla (second-gen excluded), Michelle and Yohan Poonawalla (Zavaray’s daughter-in-law and son), Baba Kalyani, Arun Firodia with his daughter Sulajja, Suresh Kalmadi, Venky’s Bala, Alpana and Rahul Kirloskar and also Avinash Bhosle. From Mumbai, Gucci’s Reena Wadhwa and Mayuri and Vayu Garware were present too. The singer pulled Jay and Shibani onto the stage, while Viren and wife Madura cheered on.

Dinner is also breakfast

USUALLY we avoid restaurant openings, too many of them are not too good for girth. But we’re glad we attended the launch of restaurateur Farrokh Khambatta’s new Thai eatery at NCPA. Such a glamorous opening night it was, with the perfect mix of SoBo’s grand dames and Bollywood’s biggies in one giant and hungry room. Siblings Randhir Kapoor and Rima Jain hosted two tables: for gentlemen and ladies respectively. Randhir’s table had his brotherin- law Manoj Jain and his kids Adar and Armaan, Jammi Jamwal and Anish Trivedi. While Rima’s had Rita Dhody, Gauri Pohoomul and Renuka Khalil. The elegant Karisma Kapoor and steady date Sandeep Toshniwal came over to say hello too. On another table sat Soni Razdan with Neena Gupta, Rahul Akerkar and Seema and Jaideep Mehrotra. Gautam and Nawaz Singhania roamed the room, as did Laila and Ricky Lamba, Laila and Farhan Furniturewala, Lyla and Zubin Marker, Lata Patel, Zeba Kohli, Milan Luthria, Parthiv Kilachand and Rihyad Kundanmal. Hosts Dilshad and Farrokh personally welcomed all the guests and ensured everyone had a taste of their Robatayaki grill. We hear guests were eating till 3 am.

A wedding and some wedding plans

A flashy wedding in Dubai had Mumbai socialite Kaykasshan Patel and her husband Arif, and brothers Jai and Vikram Shroff hop over for a few days. Film producer Tarnpreet’s sister Japinder Kaur married Harpreet Singh Chaddha in a glamourous Bollywood-ishtyle wedding at the Palazzo Versace. Among the guests was their great friend Natalia Kapchuk, rumoured to be Jai Shroff’s current girlfriend. Kapchuk, who had performed an item song called ‘Tipsy Hogai’ in Tarnpreet’s film, did a repeat of her number. No, she didn’t wear racy lingerie on stage, but a rather conservative gown. When it was time for the Punjabi custom of breaking the ‘kaliren’, where the bride breaks her gold-leaf bangles over the heads of unmarried girls, Kapchuk was the lucky recipient of the golden shower. To which Japinder commented: “Kapchuk is definitely the next one.” Hmmm.

Legally yours

NEVER mind a little smog, if it’s weddings Delhi will ensure it outdoes every other Indian city. This week sees the nuptials in the families of two eminent lawyers. Raian Karanjawala’s daughter Tahira, and Harish Salve’s daughter Sakshi. Sakshi marries Karan Bedi, a lawyer too. This Sunday, the Salve home at tony Golf Links will host the reception which will have our finance minister Arun Jaitley, business magnates Sunil Mittal, Hari Bhartia, CK Birla and several legal luminaries like Justice Mukul Mudgal, and entrepreneur Dilip Cherian. Sakshi’s tryst with weddings is a long one, the pretty girl released a book in Mumbai last year, called ‘The Big Fat Indian Wedding’, which was launched by Amitabh Bachchan.


WE hear a famous talk-show host is trying very hard to launch her show with any channel that will take her. With television content bordering on reality TV (often unintentionally), the host’s gentle grace would be welcome relief. But alas, a spoke in her wheel is none other than a rival male talkshow host. We hear he has been using his filmi clout to keep her show from airing. When one major channel did evince interest in the lady’s chat-fest, the rival host threatened to pull his show out, taking with him a bevy of stars who show up for the channel’s awards shows. And here we thought celebrities liked a little healthy competition to keep them from getting dull.Read more at:cheap wedding dresses | beach wedding dresses


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Sagarika Ghatge and Zaheer Khan’s wedding


Wedding bells are not far anymore as actress Sagarika Ghatge is getting married to cricketer Zaheer Khan on November 27 in Mumbai, reports Mumbai Mirror.

Sagarika and Zaheer will have a registered ceremony on November 27 while the celebrity couple will host their reception at a suburban Colaba hotel on the same day.

Mumbai Mirror also reports that guests have received save-the-date cards while formal invites will be sent soon. The wedding will be preceded by several ceremonies. For the wedding, Sagarika will wear a white and gold lehenga by Sabyasachi.

Sagarika and Zaheer got engaged earlier this year and in an interview with Bombay Times last week, the couple said that they will neither opt for a Nikaah or Saat Pheras but court marriage.

Sagarika Ghatge belongs to the royal family of Shahu Maharaj of Kolhapur, while her grandmother is the daughter of Maharaja Tukojirao Holkar of Indore. Zaheer Khan is India’s finest pace bowler after Kapil Dev.

Sagarika Ghatge, best known for her role in Chak De! India, also featured in the films Miley Naa Miley Hum, Dildariyaan and Irada.Read more at:wedding dresses australia | bridesmaid dresses online


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Let the flowers do the talking


OUR demand for cut flowers seems boundless. Just look at the stats: between 1998 and 2014, imports have risen from £122million to £691m thanks to our demand for petals. So it’s no surprise that the 19th-century tradition of floriography, the hidden meanings of flowers, is now having a moment. In an age where we’re bombarded with messages via social media, this is the quieter, classier way to communicate.

While flowers have had symbolic meanings for centuries (Shakespeare’s Hamlet references rue, a flowering herb, for regret), it was the strait-laced Victorians who gave coded messages — often of unspoken desires — through bouquets of blooms. Think of it as the sexting of its time.

At that time, the closest a man could get to a public display of affection was to offer the object of his lust a small posy of flowers (Victorian ladies all carried ‘nosegays’ to mask the nasty smells of the street). And if she liked the message, she’d let you know by holding the bouquet up to her face. Not exactly Love Island but it did the job.

Now floriography is blooming again, with notable recent enthusiasts including the Duchess of Cambridge, whose wedding bouquet was intentionally filled with flowers that had meanings, both personal and symbolic. It’s not hard to see why she included sweet Williams in her bouquet, but lily of the valley conveyed happiness and trustworthiness, and myrtle conveyed love.

And while some flowers’ meanings are easy to work out — handing someone a bunch of narcissi isn’t exactly a compliment (narcissus means vanity) while extending an olive branch really does come from the historical belief that olive symbolises peace — others aren’t so straightforward. Red roses, for example, signify beauty and love — but it is red tulips that mean a declaration of love, so if you really want to tell someone how you feel on Valentine’s Day, opt for tulips. White roses mean ‘a heart unacquainted with love’, which might explain why they are popular in bridal bouquets, reflecting the purity of the bride.

If you’re planning to break up with your other half, anemones mean forsaken (to leave someone forever), lavender signifies distrust and red pelargoniums are a sign of stupidity — so watch out if someone hands you that bouquet…

Floriography can also be used to express friendship, sympathy, regret and celebration. Oak leaf represents true friendship, ivy means fidelity and is a sign you are a faithful friend, while passion flower means faith. Want to give flowers to the fashionista in your life? Then go for dahlias, which mean elegance, or poppies, which translate as ‘fantastic extravagance’ and got their name because their petals look like silk skirts, which were fabulously extravagant at the time.

As a florist, I always include rosemary in any of my funeral work — it symbolises remembrance, especially of fond times but the Victorians would also have included red carnations, meaning ‘my heart breaks’ and perhaps periwinkle, which means ‘tender recollections’.

And yet there are still some words that are hard to say and emotions that we struggle to express. If a simple posy of snowdrops (consolation and hope) can convey what words cannot, then so much the better.Read more at:cheap wedding dresses | mermaid wedding dresses


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D.C. Fashion Designer


In 2009, Dionna Dorsey’s career as a fashion designer took a hit with the downturn in the economy, but after moving back home to D.C., she found inspiration to start again with apparel that pays homage to the District.

Dorsey created District of Clothing three years ago with the idea to push positive messages.

“I knew that I wanted to create something that was really cool and that would push positivity back out into the universe,” she said. “I had an idea for starting something for passive income because I’m a full-time entrepreneur and one day in early January 2014, I had this idea for District of Clothing, but life happened and work was crazy so I was putting it off and saying I’ll come back to it.”

Before she knew it, months had passed and she still hadn’t begun the work, but after meeting with other doers in the District, she found her inspiration.

“You can go to lunch with someone in Washington, D.C., and they’re sharing with you some of the ideas that they have, then the next time you see them they’ve already moved on that idea,” Dorsey said. “I was really encouraged by my network and people who were constantly dreaming up ideas and then doing them.”

District of Clothing features T-shirts, pullovers, hoodies, accessories, hats and, for the upcoming holiday season, mugs for gifts. Soon, the line will expand to leggings and apparel for children.

“I really wanted to do something that paid homage to Washington, D.C.,” Dorsey said about the name of her company. “I moved back here in 2009 and the city has been so supportive of me as a creative person. I wanted it to be something reflective of where I was from but also other communities as well.”

Dorsey, a graduate of Istituto Marangoni in Milan, spent six years in New York City as a fashion designer before deciding to return home.

“The economy collapsed in 2008 and I was able to hold on to my job through 16 rounds of layoffs,” she said. “Finally, on the 17th round, I was laid off and remained in New York for that next calendar year until I moved home to D.C. in November 2009.

“I was very blessed to have a home to come home to that was not as affected with the economy as my life and world were in New York,” she said. “As a fashion designer, our industry was one of the first to go.”

Since then, Dorsey has bounced back, making a new space for herself in the fashion industry and local economy here in the District.

District of Clothing is one of the 24 featured businesses in the city’s Made in DC store, a concept that provides local entrepreneurs a brick-and-mortar space for their products.

“I was invited to the very first roundtable for the Made in DC initiative,” she said. We all offered our hopes, wants and needs on how our city could support us as creatives and artists. Once they approached me about a being a partner in the retail shop, I gladly accepted and here we are today.”

With popular shirts such as the “D.C. Dreamer Doer,” Dorsey wants to expand her positive affirmations to other markets.

“In my travels, I noticed that this was very intrinsic to the culture of Washington, D.C., but not necessarily as intrinsic to other areas,” she said. “I wanted to bring that ‘dreamer, doer’ mentality to other communities, especially communities that just don’t have a constant reminder every single day that you can think of something, dream of it, then do it.”Read more at:wedding dresses australia | wedding dresses online australia


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Dermaplaning Your Face


Dermaplaning is a super effective exfoliating treatment in which a doctor or aesthetician uses a surgical scalpel to gently scrape off any dead skin cells on the surface of your skin and (along with the peach fuzz on your face). You might be wondering Why is this necessary? It's because the buildup of dead skin and microscopic hairs can make your complexion appear dull, flaky, and can even cause breakouts due to clogged pores and hair follicles. Which is why this form of mechanical exfoliation is essential for maintaining an even, healthy glow. Thinking of making an appointment to try dermaplaning for yourself? Read the below advice from NY-based medical aesthetician Tamila Deveny first.

1. Dermaplaning is recommended for all skin types. Deveny says patients with sun damage, fine lines, very dry skin and dull skin are great candidates. However, since the procedure requires use of a sharp scalpel, those with enflamed acne should pass on it until their complexion clears up.

2. Contrary to what you might think, dermaplaning will not make your hair grow back thicker or darker. Deveny assured me that once your hair begins to grow back it might feel different because the hair was cut straight across, but it's actually the same texture as before and grows at the same speed. It also just might seem thicker because the hair was bluntly cut by the razor versus having a natural point to it.

3. There's no downtime. Some light redness can be expected but not always. "It's perfectly fine and common to make an appointment during lunch and go right back to work after the 40-minute treatment," Deveny adds.

4. You'll need to be very diligent with SPF afterward. You should always wear sun protection every day — especially when you're outside for a prolonged period of time — but post-exfoliation your skin is especially susceptible to the sun. So, if you don't take sun protection seriously, you might want to skip this sloughing treatment.

5. You can expect to spend $150 to $250 per treatment. But Deveny says you'll notice a difference in your skin's texture and tone immediately, so it's worth it.

6. It'll change your life as far as makeup application goes. Ever notice how peach fuzz tends to stand out even more underneath foundation and face powders? Well, since the dermaplaning razor removes all the little hairs on your face, your makeup will go on super smoothly. Your skincare products will also be more effective, since the product isn't being blocked by dead skin cells and can penetrate the skin faster.

7. The results can last up to four weeks. The procedure removes three weeks of dead skin cells, so your glow will last all month long. "But since your skin is always growing, you'll need to schedule an appointment every month or so to maintain your results," Deveny says.

8. Don't trust just anyone to perform the procedure. Deveny recommends only seeing a doctor or medical aesthetician from a dermatology or plastic surgeon's office to ensure the best and safest results.

9. Don't try this at home. Since dermaplaning is performed with surgical scalpels (not your average razor), you should leave it to the pros. If you're interested in shaving your face, refer to this instead.Read more at:Pink Bridesmaid Dresses | White Bridesmaid Dresses


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Modest Fashion Week 2017


As a Muslim-majority country, Indonesia has a huge potential in developing its Muslim fashion industry.

Realizing this, Indonesia Modest Fashion Designers (IMFD) supported by the Tourism ministry is set to hold Indonesia Modest Fashion Week (IMFW) 2017 event on Oct. 12-15 at the Jakarta Convention Center in Jakarta.

“This event is part of our efforts to encourage private companies, industries and associations to achieve the goal of becoming the Muslim fashion capital in the world,” said the ministry's archipelago tourism marketing development deputy, Esthy Reko Astuti.

Esthy considered fashion and tourism important to the creative industry. Moreover, fashion contributes a lot to the tourism sector, other than culinary and souvenirs.

“Tourists mostly spend their money on these three things apart from hotel and transportation,” Esthy added.

She also encouraged Muslim fashion designers to incorporate local material into their design.

“There should be a local touch because it’s who we are. We have tenun, batik, pearls and gemstones,” she said.

“The creativity of Indonesian designers have allowed them to compete in the global stage; local material gives a competitive edge for these designers and it’s also an effective promotional tool for Indonesia,” added IMFW 2017 project director Jeny Tjahyawati.

Prior to becoming Indonesia Modest Fashion Week 2017, the event was named Indonesia Islamic Fashion and Product (IIFP) for the past two years.

For this year, the event is set to feature 150 booths and 60 works from local and international designers.Read more at:bridesmaid dresses australia | wedding gowns sydney


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Tasty Trends in Wedding Cakes


When it comes to cake flavors, a standard white cake with buttercream frosting might do the trick for some, while others crave more creative confections. Thankfully, whether your preference is adventurous or traditional, Columbus bakeries offer the full spectrum of flavors to please you and your guests.

While classic cake flavors such as almond and chocolate top the request list, Jan Kish of Jan Kish-La Petite Fleur finds that flavorful icings or fillings paired with traditional cake flavors are also big sellers. “The chocolate with a mocha buttercream seems to be very popular,” she says, adding that many people seem to enjoy “velvet spice with a salty caramel in the fall or something like a lemon buttercream for the summer.”

Sue Baisden, owner of Capital City Cakes, says that in addition to the usual suspects, her bakery’s “swirl flavors” find popularity among the wedding crowd. “They are basic white cakes, but we add raspberry or lemon [puree] into it,” she explains. “It is a nice, subtle alternative to a layer of filling.”

If you can’t decide on just one flavor, or like the idea of offering options for your guests, a multi-tiered cake might be a good solution. When choosing flavors, Laura Molter, wedding consultant at Our CupCakery, suggests a three-pronged approach: “Something seasonal or fruity, something with chocolate, and something simple for the wedding cake purists,” she says. “I think three flavors is the best bet to please the couple and an assortment of guests, without the confusion of too many options.”

But don’t be afraid to get creative, says Baisden.

“We call ourselves ‘the Baskin Robbins of flavors,’ because we have 30 to 40 different flavors,” she says. ”[Clients] come up with some creative things: a chocolate layer with an orange or coconut [filling], a pineapple with coconut buttercream.”

Other unique offerings include Kish’s Persian Love Cake, which incorporates rose water, cardamom and cinnamon flavors with a pistachio buttercream or marzipan.

For the adventurous, Molter suggests Our CupCakery’s pink champagne cake, which is light and baked with wine and strawberry, or the Irish cream buttercream and chocolate Guinness cake.

Family recipes can be great inspirations for wedding cake flavors, too. “Maybe you were brought up on a recipe you liked all your life. That can be a lot of fun if you want to incorporate your nationality and heritage into the cake,” Kish says.

Molter recounts a family-inspired cake request that involved boxed chocolate cake mix and a jar of cherry pie filling. “It was pretty good!” she says.

Still can’t decide? There’s always the local classic. “Here in Columbus, buckeye cakes are very popular,” says Baisden.Read more at:wedding dresses australia | wedding dresses melbourne


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8 Ways to Make Your Bridesmaids


Being a bridesmaid is a tradition that’s strongly rooted in history, and one that, for so many women, is an honor. But let’s face it: It’s not the most exciting job one could ask a friend to perform. If we’re being honest, there’s a lot of time, effort, and cash involved in the task.

Historically, bridesmaids were there to assist the bride with her gown, each one bedecked in the same white attire to confuse evil spirits who may wish the newlyweds harm. Today, customs have somewhat evolved. Amy Shey Jacobs, founder and creative director of Chandelier Events, says that while the tradition of bridesmaids and bridal parties still holds strong around the world, the complexity has changed: “There are men of honor, best maids, and bridal parties can be anyone from one best friend or sibling up at the altar to a myriad of friends on each side; my largest bridal party to date has been 26!”

Whether it’s your sorority sister or closest mister, a bridal party often plays host to a laundry list of responsibilities. From favor-making to in-law fielding to bustling the gown, it’s a big ask that requires a gracious manner. And that doesn’t even count that whole bridesmaid-dress situation. Here, a guide to making your bridesmaids love you forever.

Pay for their dress (or part of it)

Bridesmaid dresses are often expensive and never worn again—no matter how you try to spin it. (“Tina, this will later be perfect for a jungle-themed charity event!” Nope.) If the bride has her heart set on a particularly fanciful satin gown, or an order-at-the-bridal-store lemon yellow number, it’s only kind that she pony up the money to pay.

Or let them choose their own frock

Even better, let the bridesmaids choose their own dress—something that looks flattering on their body and suits their style. Shey Jacobs says, “While many brides still have their bridesmaids wear matching gowns, it’s now more for the fashion statement than the superstition—and the matchiness has given way to more eclectic bridesmaids fashion selections as well.” Such is the case with the wedding of luxury watch designer Cassie Coane, whose bridesmaids wore a smattering of floral gowns; her besties Mary-Kate and Ashley chose a dazzling vintage variety. The photos? Simply stunning.

And there’s certainly no need for matching shoes

It’s possible that not one wedding guest in the history of time has looked closely at the bridesmaids’ footwear—unless it was a claret red pump, ghastly dyed to match the dress. Shey Jacobs says that she’s seen much less focus on having each bridesmaid wear the same pair of shoes in modern wedding planning. More commonly, her brides will make a gentle suggestion for, say, a strappy heel in a metallic or simple black. “Almost always, my brides would prefer their bridesmaids to be walking gracefully down the aisle and dancing comfortably all night long over emphasizing too much control over their shoe choice.” She does say that it’s common for a bridesmaid to be responsible for purchasing the shoe, but there’s always an exception. “I recently had a bride who gifted her maid of honor a pair of Jimmy Choo stunners as her bridesmaid gift.”

Choose an agreeable bachelorette destination

When did it become perfectly acceptable for a bride to insist her entire entourage jet to St. Tropez for a pre-wedding party? Of course, a tropical location or Vegas weekend of debauchery is a blast, but make sure your best pals can afford the fete. And for those strapped on cash, a themed, at-home dinner and night on the town is certainly acceptable.

Get her a gift she’ll cherish forever

This is a bride’s chance to say thank you—for helping with her wedding website to attending the shower in the suburbs of New Jersey. While an engraved jewelry box is well meaning, a gift that’s useful and personal is tops. And again, no matching required. Put thought into each present: If one bestie loves to cook, treat her to a cooking class. Perhaps another appreciates fine wine—so splurge on a very spendy bottle. And if all is lost: A gift card to a spa is always a win.

Also, give her a plus-one

There’s nothing more maddening to a single guest than being denied a plus-one. Ever been placed at a table with strange canoodling couples or drunk Uncle Larry? It’s the worst. Of course, you can add them to the wedding-party table (which is certainly ideal) or toss them to a single bunch of eligible bachelors, but know this: A plus-one on the invite is often worth the extra plate expense.

Treat them to a special getting-ready morning

After the emotional support, favor-making, and gift-giving, the wedding day is not just about the bride. Shey Jacobs advises to construct an organized hair and makeup schedule ahead of time to keep the party stress free and to create a beautiful getting-ready environment for the bridal party. “Often, we’ll invite the bridesmaids for a wedding-day breakfast in the suite where they are greeted with beautiful robes or monogrammed button-downs and slippers.”

And don’t forget transportation, please

And just how are your besties getting from the salon to the ceremony to the reception and then that post–wedding day brunch—especially if they’ve been tipping back bubbly with the bride? Shey Jacobs says, “I think it is lovely when the bridesmaids are treated to transportation that’s arranged for them—especially if traveling from a hotel to a venue or from the ceremony to the reception.” Bottom line: Don’t make your best pals unexpectedly call an Uber on your wedding day.Read more at:beach wedding dresses | cheap wedding dresses


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Sick of Your Same Old Highlights


You know that hair color that looks so gorgeous, so flawless, it's easy to forget that it was created at the hands of a colorist and not God himself? That's color melting. Different from balayage and ombré, the color cascades flawlessly down the hair shaft from roots to ends, creating the perfect range of color without any signs of demarcation. It's technically a form of highlighting, but instead the shades are placed in order to blend together instead of pop.

Celebrity colorist and Olaplex ambassador Chad Kenyon, who has colored hair for the likes of Ashley Tisdale and Abigail Spencer, suggested this look for cozy weather. "Most, if not all, of my clients go brighter during the Summer months, and many of them don't want to do balayage right away," he said. "They want to tame the regrowth but keep a softer look. A color melt is what I prescribe in these cases."

Colorist Brooke Benton elaborated: "Color melting is the fluid and seamless blending of any color combination imaginable, unlike traditional ombré techniques."

Color melting works on a variety of shades, from rich brunettes, baby blonds, and dimensional reds to rainbow hues. It really depends on the color you're looking to achieve.

The process is similar to balayage in that it's usually a demipermanent color process done on top of balayage. "What I'll usually do is a balayage of the whole head, and then I'll go in and choose a tone between the root color and the balayage to marry the two," said Kenyon. "It doesn't look as stark. It also adds depth and makes you look fresher, younger."

Keep reading to get inspiration for your next Fall hair color.Read more at:bridal gowns | bridesmaid dresses online


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