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Paris evening gown.


Petite figure - suitable for high waist, gauze, waist discount dresses, to decorate the proportions. Should try to avoid the skirt of the lower body is too loose, shoulder-sleeve design also should avoid exaggerated; The upper body can change more, the waist line suggests to use V word micro low waist design, in order to increase the sense of length. Build an older person -- a natural wardrobe, and any type of dress can be tried, especially with a fish-tailed wedding dress. Full bodied - fit for straight line cuts and slimmer. Lace flower should choose thinner plane lace, do not choose high collar style; The design of waist and skirt should avoid complicated.

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Do you know why a wedding dress is white?


At traditional Western weddings, the sacred and solemn oath of the pastor is a familiar romantic scene in everyone’s minds. The wedding ceremony is an oath ceremonial proof of the love of the two new people and swearing that they will be loyal to each other in the future. It is the swearing ground for the close relationship between the two families, and it is also the patron saint of human love.
Monogamy in the strict sense originated in medieval Western Europe under the influence of Christian morality. It spread throughout the world along with the process of industrialization and modernization. It completely changed the polygamous marriage system previously practiced by mankind. It can be said that the spread of western love concept and marriage system surpasses the spread of science and technology and political system, and becomes the classic of the spread of Western civilization in the world. This westernized wind has positively influenced people’s love concept to some extent, and promoted social equality and equality between men and women in the marriage life. There is no doubt that the promotion of the status of women and the well-being of the family have played a significant role in promoting.
In countries where Western religions and religions are united, marriage requires the priests' blessings and prayers in the church or town hall to get everyone's approval. At the wedding, the bride wears a wedding dress, usually a white dress with a white veil, to show sincerity and holiness. The gene for wedding dresses with European traditional ceremonial dresses is generally “A type” or “X type” with obvious feminine features. The detailed structure emphasizes layer through layers and creates a beautiful, mysterious and mysterious beauty. The fabric of the wedding dress is mostly georgette, ribbed silk, silk satin, and the like, and is decorated by techniques such as embroidery, inlay, and drawnwork; among them, the three-dimensional floral decoration of natural fabrics and the mica and gemstone mosaics constitute the most common pattern.
The overall mix of wedding dresses, head caps, facial shawls, neck garlands, hand mesh gloves, diamond rings on the fingers are all essential. The more classical wedding dress body bulges through the skirts to create a sense of body mass. A wedding dress with a strong ceremonial sense is often dragged, and the cuffs are exaggerated into tall, fluffy shapes, creating majestic momentum and noble and beautiful artistic effects.

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White and white dress is more dignified and gorgeous


The sexy model is dressed in a noble, cool white strapless dress. The elegant and elegant temperament springs up spontaneously. The coquettish appearance and supple hair further highlights his lady's special temperament and charm! In today’s society, men increasingly appreciate the dual independence of women who are emotional and economic. If we still lack the same, then we’ll have to refuel.
The beautiful model is tall and slender, and the sling dress fits perfectly into this figure. The soft figure of the bump gives an infinite imagination. The beautiful breast is so round, supple, plump, and delicate. Light and lovely

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Put on wedding dresses


Deyifang Wedding Dress Planning Department recommended a white wedding dress, style highlights the chest line, waist close-fitting cut. The combination of soft satin and veil, elegant and permeated with clear spirit, perfectly shows the bride's pure beauty, petite and lovely. Three-dimensional cut out of the gauze dress, with crystal decoration style, silver-gray satin belt noble place decorated with elegant white luxury dress.

Deyifang wedding dress design concept pursues simplicity without losing the grand, the design style is diversified. The concept of “creating exquisite life from wearing” is the brand connotation of Deyifang.

The natural folds that are currently cut in three dimensions are very popular. Soft and heavy fabric drape is good, can produce a beautiful hanging folds, with the three-dimensional cutting method can produce a wealth of human expression fashion. The three-dimensional cutting pursuit of details, the upper body design is more prominent, and this fashion contains beads, wedding ceremony, accompanied by flashing lights tend to form a reflective effect of gorgeous, give the bride a certain degree of dazzling effect, when shooting wedding photos There are also many advantages, because of reflection, so it is easy to form a certain artistic effect, this kind of wedding photos taken for the collection more convenient.

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Tube top veil mini dress


The first move: Nowadays, the most popular Tube Top dress, beautiful tailoring arc to outline your perfect chest, Xiao Lu career line you are not afraid to run away. As a wedding outfit, the Tube Top mini dress became one of the hottest bridal dress styles this year. Can be used with sequins embellished handbags or crystal inlaid shoes, near-color different colors, ever-changing interpretation of the bride's feminine femininity!

The second measure: how to wear a bridesmaid's bra top dress? Elegant and fresh tube top dress is probably the love of many bridesmaids heart, all kinds of beautiful dress in the bright yellow, soft pink, light green candy color highlights Sweet and petite bridesmaids wear; there are silver, dark green, dark blue and other dark colors for mature bridesmaid choose.

The third measure: the red tube top dress is very eye-catching, but it can also grab the limelight of the bride. It is recommended that when the bride wears a Chinese dress, the bridesmaids can work together to put on a red bridesmaid dress. The bridesmaids can't be beautiful, but they can't be too beautiful. Right, on the day of the wedding, the bridesmaids are only green leaves.

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Description girls evening dress


The girl was dressed in a pure white strapless dress. The beautiful collarbone was looming. The dress of the skirt looked as if it was transparent and slightly reflective, like angel wings, but it was not exposed at all. The hem of the skirt is an arc from high to low, elegantly uplifted, revealing the beautiful legs of the girls like jade, skirts full of diamonds, diamonds dotted, like countless beautiful morning dew.
She was dressed in a golden dress, long skirts dragged on the ground, bright light, the material is extremely smooth silk, posted a convex curve, the hair braided into a gorgeous style complexion, which is mixed with Gold wire is also shining and exceptionally brilliant.
Yao Shu child dressed in a light green bubble veil skirt, hem cute bubble, accessories are sweet and cute flowers, her crimson also played pink and tender, looks like a girl-like charming.
Pan Nan is a retro prince dress, black dress, two rows of gold buttons, white breeches, black boots, golden medals, gold red ribbons, handsome pressing, handsome exception; Yin Xiamo dressed in a simple white dress, white small Handbags, long hair loosely rolled up, hanging down two micro-volume of hair, skin white, eye waves like the sea, actually did not wear any jewelry, but it seems to be pure and fresh, natural beauty.

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The color of pure white wedding dress


The wedding dress is not necessarily pure white, and the request for the bride's body to be adorned with headwear is all white. It began in the days of Queen Victoria. At that time, the white was happy, and then the holiness and loyalty were strengthened, and the remarried lady was not satisfied. Wearing a white wedding dress, but also constitutes a pure white wedding stand out of the noble position. Let's take a look at Tiger Hill wedding dress Xiaobian.
Prior to this, Greece also used "white" as the most commonly used color for bridal gowns, but it was not as severe as the whole body was white; in ancient Roman times, the bride would wear yellow face yarns; Chinese conservative would use red gowns as the auspicious meaning; At the beginning of the 20th century, the silver wedding dress was a noble place to highlight the royal family. It can be seen that the wedding dress is appropriate to its “color” and there is no special rule to wear a white wedding dress.
As the world's trends continue to change, wedding dresses in addition to white, ivory, beige and other conservative colors, in recent years is also increasingly popular pink wedding dress, such as pink, pink orange, pink blue, pink purple, light green and light silver gray, Very soft and pleasing to the eye; if you dare to try, dark green, red, dark purple, decorated with a pink wedding dress, constitute a rich color dress, the effect is very special; as the most popular, of course, is the ivory or white wedding dress, decorated with pink Silk flowers and butterflies to add color.
In fact, what color is the wedding dress does not matter, the most important requirement is to match the color of the bride's skin. Westerners have deep and yellow complexion, wear white wedding dress, will appear dull, wear ivory color will be more harmonious than natural, powder blue, pink purple and yellow skin can not coordinate, but pink orange, pink green and yellowish skin color match. As for the skin's rosy, or perhaps bronze skin, wearing a white will be very beautiful, especially the latter, with the groom's tuxedo, a sudden emergence of an extraordinary brilliance.
The other elements of wedding dress selection should be taken into account. If you are in a wedding ceremony at the church, do not wear a wedding dress that is too low-cut. This is a show of disrespect to the clergy. Especially at certain ceremonies, newcomers have to go up and frankly show up. Before the bride kneels before the icon, she cannot help but respect the church. The bride should pay attention to the fact that the tail of a wedding dress is to be long-tailed or short-tailed, and is often subject to the inherent environmental factors. If the church is saluting, there are more beautiful tails, but the flower girl must be older or less able to pick up the tail for the bride, and even be stumbled; floats are another problem. Due to the tens of feet of trailing, the general RV is basically If you can't let go, even if you are barely huddled together, the long trailing tails will wrinkle you off, which is not very pleasing; in addition, the ordinary streets are not very clean, so the bride wears a three- to five-foot trail is enough.

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Classic white wedding dress


White wedding dress, now the classic choice for the bride to marry! Whether it is a long section or a short section, each has its own advantages! White wedding dress, popular choice, representing purity and romance! A friend who is preparing to get married should look ahead to the style of the wedding dress!
Knee-length short wedding dress, round neck sleeveless, smooth material is very close. There is no design element in the upper body and the focus is on the skirt. Lace's open skirt, more romantic for this wedding Zheng Tianliang! With the bow design of the waist, let the wedding become more beautiful!
Neck-neck short paragraph wedding dress with a naked back effect, lace complex patterns decorate this wedding dress, short paragraph package hip is very romantic! The wedding dress with perspective effect is still a mainstream choice now! If the bride has a pair of straight and thin long legs, then choose this wedding dress!
Thin straps for the wedding dress, rose pattern lace fabric, so that the wedding becomes more beautiful! The pleated effect of the skirt is also very beautiful. At the same time, the wedding dress decorated with white flowers is absolutely romantic. Friends who like the element of flowers can be considered, this is definitely a fairy!
Bra wedding dress, but also many brides will choose the style! The skirt design is multi-level! In addition to veil, there are layers of petal decoration! This romantic design has a sense of hierarchy! Details of the lace decoration, is also the highlight of this wedding!

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What kind of wedding dress bride looks good


First, the material of the wedding dress The body of the bride who is relatively fat, pay attention to the choice of fabric when choosing the wedding dress. Choose thick satin, hard and thick imported satin, is the best magic weapon for fat brides to block fat. Second, the color of the wedding In addition to attention to the above details, fat brides also pay attention to the color of the wedding dress. Presumably we all know that light colors have a sense of expansion, so when fat brides choose a wedding dress, it is best to choose a darker color. For example, burgundy and deep purple are good choices, while festive celebrations are noble. However, we must pay attention to the fact that too bright colors still need to be considered. Third, the design of the wedding 1, if it is the waist or chest are full of prospective bride, high waist low chest wedding dress is your best choice. High-waist wedding dress can block the fat of the waist, and will set off the legs very slender; 2, in addition to the rough arm of the bride, you can choose to bring a sleeve wedding dress. The wedding dress with sleeves can block the thick arm, so as to achieve a modified overall effect; 3, do not do too much decoration, to avoid cumbersome design, it is best to cut with a straight line, plus lace Design will make you look slimmer. If you add too much decoration will add to the visual effect, resulting in feeling too tired, especially in the waist 4, choose a soft material long veil. To a certain extent, the long veil can block the bride's round face, which can be more effective than make-up and face-lift. 5. If you are a bride with a wide shoulder, you must avoid the long line of the wedding dress shoulder to achieve a balance. , You can choose to have a vertical line of tailoring and garden-style wedding dress; 6, the bride of the abdomen highlights the selection of satin wedding dress, will be modified with the body's rhythm of the effect, not significant burden. The lines on the waist are not too tight and too complex. You can use multiple layers to cover, but don't make them too thick. Try to make the whole look relaxed, refreshing and clean. The Korean version of the high waist can also better cover up.

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Sweet wind! White bridal dress


The short bridal gown designed by the elegant white gauze dresses the bride more beautifully, and the upper golden brassiere design adds a bright spot to the bridal gown, which makes this white elegant bridal dress style not so monotonous.

The whole piece is a bridal dress made of elegant white gauze. Irregular pleats give this bridal gown an ethereal feel. White gauze spliced into a flower-like design adds to the bridal gown's highlights. The bride wearing this white dress becomes more beautiful and moving.

The bride's short dress design with elegant white gauze shows the elegance and softness of the bride perfectly. The golden wedding dress on the tip of the bride and on the wrist is matched with the design of the mini dress, which is a good example of the bride's short dress, which makes the bride extremely elegant.

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