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Make the charming wedding and perfect the wedding reception


Make the charming wedding and perfect the wedding reception

Takeaway: wedding is a religious ceremony or act notarization ceremony, its meaning is to get social recognition and blessing ceremony will we say the Chinese people to the banquet. Gusu reception re-examination coherent staff think that the bride and groom to create a type of the eve of the wedding, of course, also is very main, but complex interpersonal than force in modern society, a small, low key point on the wedding has become a lot of people to a choice, but the so-called simple nor is all too simple and still takes the flowers, but it takes to have the price! Gusu reception re-examination coherent staff today for a department to do a simple wedding, but can let a person to immortality memorable wedding the bride and groom to install a scene. Gusu reception re-examination coherent to each of the bride and groom may itself to reception in the save money to environment change can have a is a perfect wedding power, then again should how to make a charm wedding! Beginning, to a site placed first, general conditions, we regardless of scope to intrusive, partition scope change is not a long-distance, general city yingbin area, stage set up three departments with the guest. If the guest is not many, the bride and groom can choose a mini wedding is given priority to with family, placed emphasis is placed on the stage and table, also not to spend too much spirit to make hospitality. The other is for the wedding to color a ably collocation, if limited range than the negative words, so particularly on small wedding color mainly, General with strong lively colour can make whole space appears more small. Don't use too much color perception pressure will cause strong. But even if choose quietly elegant color pink blue, pink green etc. If choose outdoor wedding banquet, also should with natural color, wedding banquet is given priority to with white, can give a person relaxed feel. Moreover is to seat a reasonable decoration, small wedding to seat the disambiguation of dispute must use way, can according to the present wedding banquet to resolution, number of people less, chairman of the environment can be simply divided the woman box groom's box gaopeng seats also. Seat can let a guest the freedom to choose, At the same time, the wedding with a round cloth table can be better communication between relatives and friends.

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How do you take the naturally tall wedding photos


What kind of wedding photography is the most beautiful? That is natural photos, taken a lot of people like natural some, however, due to the picture taken for the first time, your own some nervous, will let you at a loss, so everyone's photos will also be discounted, so small make up just now to explain to you some tips about wedding photos, let your photos more tall and have their wedding photos become more natural.

Many women and men height may not be so tall, for wedding photos, may be a bit tall figure can let a person photos become more good-looking, because now many married couple to refer to some of the photos, are generally models of feeling, so everyone at the time of reference some wedding photos, you also want to make this feeling. Wedding photography of the top ten of the most important thing is that somebody else photos taken enough natural, because the wedding photos, only natural more good-looking, because for the first time slot, so everybody will be some tension, so, you not satisfied about their body, will lead to appear this kind of problem, if you confident, so our wedding photos will be more beautiful. Take wedding photos, in fact, who will be the same for the first time, so everyone should be concerned, not how to take as other people like that good-looking, but how to make their own wedding photos of a taller body to shoot, as long as you have a little taller body, your wedding photos can become more beautiful

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Wedding creative invitation card selection method


Most couples want their wedding can leave deep impression to the guests, and guests to attend the wedding of the first impression is not into the scene at that moment, but first by invitation, so for the invitation, the couple don't belittle, spend some of idea and originality in the above, the first impression that gives a person is very special.

1 wedding invitations, hand painting type personality: newcomer when planning the wedding invitations, you can find a hand-drawn painters to make for you invitation style you like, design is to be decided by the couple, can some funny, cute, some can be formally, for the guests, the hand painting version of wedding invitation CARDS is not only the invitation letter, also can hang in the home decoration.

2, 3 d wedding invitation card personality: now most wedding invitations are flat, then you can write the invitation, new people if you want to highlight the creativity, might as well make a vertical wedding invitations, pieces of three-dimensional, like when I was a child, a open by music singing, very feel a bit.

Stamp style wedding invitation: have you heard of the stamp style wedding invitation? This is a very eye-catching invitation style, newcomer when making stamps type personality wedding invitations, to do a print model, only need to brush on color, printed on white paper can, simple, unique, especially after receiving, the older feel cordial.

Version 4, seasonal character wedding invitations: individuality wedding invitations's new season that will own the wedding season in your wedding invitations, winter wedding, newcomer? Can add snow in his wedding invitation design, let the guests into the habitat, in the summer, you can put a real flower in the invitation letter.

5, letterpress letterpress character wedding invitation: the wedding invitation is not cheap, but quality are excellent, if coupled with the hot stamping of characters, or hot silver, a look at the invitation letter will know that your visitors will attend a very tasteful wedding!

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What should a beautiful bride


The most important thing for a bride is to be the most beautiful woman on her wedding day. Choose vogue to suit oneself bridal gown again of course essential! But in the movie studio or wedding shop, try out row after row of wedding dresses, or can not decide. The bride-to-be tries on the wedding dress. What's the trick?

The more you try on the wedding dress, the better?

Every girl has a greedy heart. If you try on the wedding dress, you think the more you try, the better. It's a big mistake. Because sometimes try too much, will think this is good, that is good, but let themselves confused. Some people even think that the more you try, the worse it will be, especially in the wedding dress shop with different styles, so that you can't find the feeling. The best thing to do is to find a style before you go and try it on, usually two or three sets.

What wedding dress does the person of bosom not plump wear?

Chest is not plump girl don't inferiority, but don't worry no shoulder straps of underwear will slide down, because the wedding dress the inside of the waist and abdomen will be tightly closed, then will hold up you don't too plentiful full chest, the other wedding photography company staff will have all sorts of small way, to help you solve this problem.

The person of arm too thick, how to wear bridal gown?

It's a good idea to avoid sleeveless dresses. A bride-to-be with a large shoulder frame can opt for an american-style sleeveless wedding dress that exposes her long arms.

Must there be a petticoat in the wedding dress?

Generally no matter the size of the wedding dress must have a petticoat, but what kind of petticoat to use depends on the material and style of the wedding dress and your figure to decide. Never wear a heavy wedding dress with a heavy petticoat. Even if you are a small bride, you can also choose that kind of matching petticoat. The hem of the wedding dress has a feeling of shaking, which will be full of motion and fully show your figure.

How does a bride who is married by her son choose her wedding dress?

Married with children, has no big deal, are for the stomach nerve-wracking, you don't need to wear tight dress, this is bad for the baby, at the same time, it is not good for your body. You can choose the wedding dress of tall waist, the waist line of bridal gown is below your chest, waist above, can block big belly already, also won't highlight the figure of a bit fat.

Do you have to wear gloves when you wear a wedding dress?

This is not a hard and fast rule, mainly because it makes people feel more formal and elegant. But at the end of the wedding, you must remove this glove.

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8 reasons why brides are advised to buy wedding dresses


Core tip: more and more brides will choose their own unique wedding dress carefully before getting married. But, also have a lot of MM think wedding dress wears only once, buy too wasteful. Should I rent it or buy it? The dress summed up the experience of netizens, and came up with 8 reasons to recommend the bride to buy the wedding dress for the bride's reference.

1, not the day before your wedding to take wedding dress, wedding dress shop also don't have to hurry to also after the wedding dress, more don't have to worry about the family wedding dress dirty or scratch, (generally the cost of the wedding dress damaged is high oh) economic losses, broke the big mood.

2. Now that the economic conditions permit and the market provides such goods, the price of a wedding dress is no longer unattainable.

Since ancient times, Chinese people have the custom of wearing new clothes when they get married and during the Spring Festival. This is especially true when you get married, and your whole body is new from the inside out. When you wear a wrinkled and dirty wedding dress that you don't know how many people wear, you can imagine the effect.

4. Rent a wedding dress either too large or too small, and tailor a wedding dress of your own, no matter the waist, shape, will be perfect impeccable degree.

Take your wedding dress and dress with you when you go to the studio to take wedding photos.

Wedding anniversary re-enacts the occasion of the day and enhances relationships. Wear it on your wedding anniversary, simply roll your hair up and give him a surprise when he walks into the house. Of course, you can wear it for wedding photos

7. Eternal remembrance. Every time you open your closet, that wedding dress brings the sweet moments back to you. When children grow up and turn out, don't want to wear you let him have a look, you again with excitement and shy put on him, hopping yelling mother is very beautiful, green light rhyme back in your face.

If you can, after a few years, you can put her on, give her on, give her on, your loved ones on.

The wedding dress is a witness to love. For women, in addition to the wedding dress required for wedding photos, every woman must have at least one wedding dress and two wedding dresses at a formal wedding. Wedding dress and wedding dress are indispensable in the wedding, carrying the meaning of happiness, is engraved on every woman's heart.

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Strategies and precautions for the bride's


The girls who will become brides will face the problem of choosing wedding dresses. It is not an easy job to choose a wedding dress that is satisfactory.

Strategies and precautions for the bride's wedding dress selection

I. production schedule

Before choosing a wedding dress, you need to make your own schedule. It's best to start six months before the wedding.

Choose wedding dresses

Must first understand the wedding dress design, best can browse relevant work, samples, web site to understand the current popular style is suitable for yourself, you can listen to the opinions of the predecessors, and before the wedding dress shop, is mastering its own budget, style, service for wedding dress shop to understand. At the time of the sample must not be attracted by the model above, but to choose according to their own style characteristic, can't because others look good to choose, raise things never dry.

Rent or customize

Wedding dress, of course, there are on loan and custom form, each has its advantages, lease the advantage of low cost and disadvantages are obvious, is used by others, the custom cost is higher, but after all is to belong to own, can let oneself to harness the perfect wedding dress.

Four, try it on

In wedding dress store can't see light, but to try it on, upper body effect is to see what is suitable for yourself, not only with the written to choose, try the best to take their good sisters guard a pass together, to see the faults of himself can't see the details.

Wedding dress accessories

Decided after wedding dress styles, you can start selecting headgear, gloves, earrings, necklaces and other small adorn article, the stand or fall of decorations can affect the marriage gauze of the whole image, and yourself when choosing accessories customized wedding dress fits, can't at the accessories design choice, but to marry wedding dress styles to consider.

The choice of underwear

All ready then it is the choice of underwear, underwear is good or bad may directly affect the effect of the creation of the wedding dress, with no or contact underwear is preferred, if there is a wedding dress with sleeves, you can choose to undertake collocation model body underwear.

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The origin of the white wedding


Although weddings around the world have been celebrated since ancient times, brides wear wedding dresses at weddings for less than two hundred years. The ritual of the bride wearing a white tulle with a trailing skirt originated from Catholicism. Since ancient times, some European countries have been ruled by theocracy, and people have to go to church to get married to receive the prayers and blessings of the priest or pastor. This ritual is considered an official legally protected marriage, so the celebration is the same. The bride wears a white dress to prove his sincerity and innocence before God. In the 19th century in the West, when the girls were married, there was no particular requirement for the color of the dress. Until 1820, white gradually became the color used widely in wedding dresses. This is because British Queen Victoria wears an elegant white wedding dress. Since then, white wedding dresses have become formal wedding dresses. Nowadays, some people do not understand the origin of the wedding, so there is also some creative clever design. The bride's wedding dress is made of pink or light blue and is very beautiful. However, according to Western customs, only remarried women can use, for example, pink or sky blue when married to show the difference from their first marriage.

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The color of pure white wedding dress


As the world's trends continue to change, wedding dresses in addition to white, ivory, beige and other conservative colors, in recent years is also increasingly popular pink wedding dress, such as pink, pink orange, pink blue, pink purple, light green and light silver gray, Very soft and pleasing to the eye; if you dare to try, dark green, red, dark purple, decorated with a pink wedding dress, constitute a rich color dress, the effect is very special; as the most popular, of course, is the ivory or white wedding dress, decorated with pink Silk flowers and butterflies to add color.

In fact, what color is the wedding dress does not matter, the most important requirement is to match the color of the bride's skin. Westerners have deep and yellow complexion, wear white wedding dress, will appear dull, wear ivory color will be more harmonious than natural, powder blue, pink purple and yellow skin can not coordinate, but pink orange, pink green and yellowish skin color match. As for the skin's rosy, or perhaps bronze skin, wearing a white will be very beautiful, especially the latter, with the groom's tuxedo, a sudden emergence of an extraordinary brilliance.
The other elements of wedding dress selection should be taken into account. If you are in a wedding ceremony at the church, do not wear a wedding dress that is too low-cut. This is a show of disrespect to the clergy. Especially at certain ceremonies, newcomers have to go up and frankly show up. Before the bride kneels before the icon, she cannot help but respect the church. The bride should pay attention to the fact that the tail of a wedding dress is to be long-tailed or short-tailed, and is often subject to the inherent environmental factors. If the church is saluting, there are more beautiful tails, but the flower girl must be older or less able to pick up the tail for the bride, and even be stumbled; floats are another problem. Due to the tens of feet of trailing, the general RV is basically If you can't let go, even if you are barely huddled together, the long trailing tails will wrinkle you off, which is not very pleasing; in addition, the ordinary streets are not very clean, so the bride wears a three- to five-foot trail is enough.

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Wedding dress with shoes need to pay attention to matters


The most common wedding dress for weddings is white. This may be influenced by Snow White in the fairy tale. It is indeed very beautiful and generous to wear a white wedding dress. This is also an important reason for many brides to choose a white wedding dress. What we want to say today is not Just a wedding dress, but to explore the mix of white wedding dress and wedding shoes, this can reflect the bride's temperament as a whole. Chengdu wedding photography below with you to understand the next.
1, it must be noted that the white wedding dress must not be equipped with red shoes. Because the red shoes jumped into the fire pit, they could not bring red flowers, red belts, red pants and other red things, because white represents purity, while red is the opposite. White wedding dresses should be paired with white, gold or silver shoes.
2, can not be with red underwear. As with the shoes, there are often brides wearing red underwear when wearing a wedding dress, there is also the problem of inconsistencies, and may not match the wedding, there is a fit, color exposure and other embarrassing situation, so it is best to order or buy At the same time as wedding dresses, special underwear is purchased.
3, wear white wedding dress do not make big makeup. The bride in the wedding should be generous and graceful, fresh and elegant, and this beauty should not be too bright and superfluous. Do not put all the ornaments that are considered beautiful on themselves, and the bridal makeup should be a dignified lady. After all, a white wedding dress can't be adorned with glamorous red lips. It's too incongruous.
4, if the bride wears a white wedding dress, the groom is best to make light makeup. The groom is also the protagonist of the wedding. When the bride wears a white wedding dress, the bridegroom must not unkempt. So the groom should also take care of the make-up artist before leaving the court. In addition to being clean and tidy, it is also best to make some makeup. Nowadays, weddings are basically required to be videotaped. If you don't use make-up, the groom's face may look pale in the spotlight, and the wedding impression left behind is obviously not satisfactory.
5. Do not make mistakes with flowers. Wearing a white wedding dress, holding flowers is currently the most error-prone part of the wedding, often the bride is wearing a white wedding dress, holding a large bundle of red roses, and this kind of bouquet is used in Chinese wedding. The correct match should be a Western-style bouquet, and it should not take flowers that are too colorful.

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How to perfect your wedding


Wedding planning process Step 1: Collect relevant information

After the newcomer has confirmed his wedding day, he should first search for wedding-related materials. Everyone is the first time that he encounters major events in his life. For the initial understanding of the wedding, he is reading on a massive scale. After understanding the general situation, the newcomers can use a Saturday and Sunday to soak a pot of tea, brainstorm for a leisurely time, and initially establish a wedding planning template to communicate with the wedding planner for the first time to confirm the feasibility.

Wedding planning process Step 2: Checkpoints at the venue

The wedding venue is the stage for you to realize your beautiful dreams. Therefore, compared with others, the determination of the wedding venue can be said to be a “top priority” in the Beijing wedding planning process. After initial recognition of the wedding theme, the search for the wedding venue has become an urgent task. You can select your "dream hall" after consulting the wedding room for the wedding hotel brochure and then visiting the 2-3 wedding venues. ""

The wedding planning process Step 3: Meeting with the wedding company

Through the selection of the first step, with the initial conception, it is also possible to start looking for an ideal wedding company. Another way to find a wedding company is to investigate the “word of mouth” and to make an investigation on the wedding company through people around you. . After identifying the right wedding company, the first interview with the wedding planner is very important because it is an important basis for judging whether the wedding planner is in tune with you.

Wedding Planning Process Step 4: Selected Staff

Your best man bridesmaids have been decided. To find out which friends and relatives to help you to do the “hero behind the scenes”, in the first stage, we must confirm the candidates for these staff members and call them one by one so that everyone will have a heart and mind.

The wedding planning process Step 5: The number of people attending the wedding banquet

The first estimate of the number of people attending a wedding banquet is directly related to your wedding venue. Therefore, after the “four-party talks” of both parents and newcomers, each person must start to confirm the number of people attending the wedding, and finally summarize the number of people in the first round. Telephone notifications can be split up.

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