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Modest Fashion Week 2017


As a Muslim-majority country, Indonesia has a huge potential in developing its Muslim fashion industry.

Realizing this, Indonesia Modest Fashion Designers (IMFD) supported by the Tourism ministry is set to hold Indonesia Modest Fashion Week (IMFW) 2017 event on Oct. 12-15 at the Jakarta Convention Center in Jakarta.

“This event is part of our efforts to encourage private companies, industries and associations to achieve the goal of becoming the Muslim fashion capital in the world,” said the ministry's archipelago tourism marketing development deputy, Esthy Reko Astuti.

Esthy considered fashion and tourism important to the creative industry. Moreover, fashion contributes a lot to the tourism sector, other than culinary and souvenirs.

“Tourists mostly spend their money on these three things apart from hotel and transportation,” Esthy added.

She also encouraged Muslim fashion designers to incorporate local material into their design.

“There should be a local touch because it’s who we are. We have tenun, batik, pearls and gemstones,” she said.

“The creativity of Indonesian designers have allowed them to compete in the global stage; local material gives a competitive edge for these designers and it’s also an effective promotional tool for Indonesia,” added IMFW 2017 project director Jeny Tjahyawati.

Prior to becoming Indonesia Modest Fashion Week 2017, the event was named Indonesia Islamic Fashion and Product (IIFP) for the past two years.

For this year, the event is set to feature 150 booths and 60 works from local and international designers.Read more at:bridesmaid dresses australia | wedding gowns sydney


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Tasty Trends in Wedding Cakes


When it comes to cake flavors, a standard white cake with buttercream frosting might do the trick for some, while others crave more creative confections. Thankfully, whether your preference is adventurous or traditional, Columbus bakeries offer the full spectrum of flavors to please you and your guests.

While classic cake flavors such as almond and chocolate top the request list, Jan Kish of Jan Kish-La Petite Fleur finds that flavorful icings or fillings paired with traditional cake flavors are also big sellers. “The chocolate with a mocha buttercream seems to be very popular,” she says, adding that many people seem to enjoy “velvet spice with a salty caramel in the fall or something like a lemon buttercream for the summer.”

Sue Baisden, owner of Capital City Cakes, says that in addition to the usual suspects, her bakery’s “swirl flavors” find popularity among the wedding crowd. “They are basic white cakes, but we add raspberry or lemon [puree] into it,” she explains. “It is a nice, subtle alternative to a layer of filling.”

If you can’t decide on just one flavor, or like the idea of offering options for your guests, a multi-tiered cake might be a good solution. When choosing flavors, Laura Molter, wedding consultant at Our CupCakery, suggests a three-pronged approach: “Something seasonal or fruity, something with chocolate, and something simple for the wedding cake purists,” she says. “I think three flavors is the best bet to please the couple and an assortment of guests, without the confusion of too many options.”

But don’t be afraid to get creative, says Baisden.

“We call ourselves ‘the Baskin Robbins of flavors,’ because we have 30 to 40 different flavors,” she says. ”[Clients] come up with some creative things: a chocolate layer with an orange or coconut [filling], a pineapple with coconut buttercream.”

Other unique offerings include Kish’s Persian Love Cake, which incorporates rose water, cardamom and cinnamon flavors with a pistachio buttercream or marzipan.

For the adventurous, Molter suggests Our CupCakery’s pink champagne cake, which is light and baked with wine and strawberry, or the Irish cream buttercream and chocolate Guinness cake.

Family recipes can be great inspirations for wedding cake flavors, too. “Maybe you were brought up on a recipe you liked all your life. That can be a lot of fun if you want to incorporate your nationality and heritage into the cake,” Kish says.

Molter recounts a family-inspired cake request that involved boxed chocolate cake mix and a jar of cherry pie filling. “It was pretty good!” she says.

Still can’t decide? There’s always the local classic. “Here in Columbus, buckeye cakes are very popular,” says Baisden.Read more at:wedding dresses australia | wedding dresses melbourne


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8 Ways to Make Your Bridesmaids


Being a bridesmaid is a tradition that’s strongly rooted in history, and one that, for so many women, is an honor. But let’s face it: It’s not the most exciting job one could ask a friend to perform. If we’re being honest, there’s a lot of time, effort, and cash involved in the task.

Historically, bridesmaids were there to assist the bride with her gown, each one bedecked in the same white attire to confuse evil spirits who may wish the newlyweds harm. Today, customs have somewhat evolved. Amy Shey Jacobs, founder and creative director of Chandelier Events, says that while the tradition of bridesmaids and bridal parties still holds strong around the world, the complexity has changed: “There are men of honor, best maids, and bridal parties can be anyone from one best friend or sibling up at the altar to a myriad of friends on each side; my largest bridal party to date has been 26!”

Whether it’s your sorority sister or closest mister, a bridal party often plays host to a laundry list of responsibilities. From favor-making to in-law fielding to bustling the gown, it’s a big ask that requires a gracious manner. And that doesn’t even count that whole bridesmaid-dress situation. Here, a guide to making your bridesmaids love you forever.

Pay for their dress (or part of it)

Bridesmaid dresses are often expensive and never worn again—no matter how you try to spin it. (“Tina, this will later be perfect for a jungle-themed charity event!” Nope.) If the bride has her heart set on a particularly fanciful satin gown, or an order-at-the-bridal-store lemon yellow number, it’s only kind that she pony up the money to pay.

Or let them choose their own frock

Even better, let the bridesmaids choose their own dress—something that looks flattering on their body and suits their style. Shey Jacobs says, “While many brides still have their bridesmaids wear matching gowns, it’s now more for the fashion statement than the superstition—and the matchiness has given way to more eclectic bridesmaids fashion selections as well.” Such is the case with the wedding of luxury watch designer Cassie Coane, whose bridesmaids wore a smattering of floral gowns; her besties Mary-Kate and Ashley chose a dazzling vintage variety. The photos? Simply stunning.

And there’s certainly no need for matching shoes

It’s possible that not one wedding guest in the history of time has looked closely at the bridesmaids’ footwear—unless it was a claret red pump, ghastly dyed to match the dress. Shey Jacobs says that she’s seen much less focus on having each bridesmaid wear the same pair of shoes in modern wedding planning. More commonly, her brides will make a gentle suggestion for, say, a strappy heel in a metallic or simple black. “Almost always, my brides would prefer their bridesmaids to be walking gracefully down the aisle and dancing comfortably all night long over emphasizing too much control over their shoe choice.” She does say that it’s common for a bridesmaid to be responsible for purchasing the shoe, but there’s always an exception. “I recently had a bride who gifted her maid of honor a pair of Jimmy Choo stunners as her bridesmaid gift.”

Choose an agreeable bachelorette destination

When did it become perfectly acceptable for a bride to insist her entire entourage jet to St. Tropez for a pre-wedding party? Of course, a tropical location or Vegas weekend of debauchery is a blast, but make sure your best pals can afford the fete. And for those strapped on cash, a themed, at-home dinner and night on the town is certainly acceptable.

Get her a gift she’ll cherish forever

This is a bride’s chance to say thank you—for helping with her wedding website to attending the shower in the suburbs of New Jersey. While an engraved jewelry box is well meaning, a gift that’s useful and personal is tops. And again, no matching required. Put thought into each present: If one bestie loves to cook, treat her to a cooking class. Perhaps another appreciates fine wine—so splurge on a very spendy bottle. And if all is lost: A gift card to a spa is always a win.

Also, give her a plus-one

There’s nothing more maddening to a single guest than being denied a plus-one. Ever been placed at a table with strange canoodling couples or drunk Uncle Larry? It’s the worst. Of course, you can add them to the wedding-party table (which is certainly ideal) or toss them to a single bunch of eligible bachelors, but know this: A plus-one on the invite is often worth the extra plate expense.

Treat them to a special getting-ready morning

After the emotional support, favor-making, and gift-giving, the wedding day is not just about the bride. Shey Jacobs advises to construct an organized hair and makeup schedule ahead of time to keep the party stress free and to create a beautiful getting-ready environment for the bridal party. “Often, we’ll invite the bridesmaids for a wedding-day breakfast in the suite where they are greeted with beautiful robes or monogrammed button-downs and slippers.”

And don’t forget transportation, please

And just how are your besties getting from the salon to the ceremony to the reception and then that post–wedding day brunch—especially if they’ve been tipping back bubbly with the bride? Shey Jacobs says, “I think it is lovely when the bridesmaids are treated to transportation that’s arranged for them—especially if traveling from a hotel to a venue or from the ceremony to the reception.” Bottom line: Don’t make your best pals unexpectedly call an Uber on your wedding day.Read more at:beach wedding dresses | cheap wedding dresses


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Sick of Your Same Old Highlights


You know that hair color that looks so gorgeous, so flawless, it's easy to forget that it was created at the hands of a colorist and not God himself? That's color melting. Different from balayage and ombré, the color cascades flawlessly down the hair shaft from roots to ends, creating the perfect range of color without any signs of demarcation. It's technically a form of highlighting, but instead the shades are placed in order to blend together instead of pop.

Celebrity colorist and Olaplex ambassador Chad Kenyon, who has colored hair for the likes of Ashley Tisdale and Abigail Spencer, suggested this look for cozy weather. "Most, if not all, of my clients go brighter during the Summer months, and many of them don't want to do balayage right away," he said. "They want to tame the regrowth but keep a softer look. A color melt is what I prescribe in these cases."

Colorist Brooke Benton elaborated: "Color melting is the fluid and seamless blending of any color combination imaginable, unlike traditional ombré techniques."

Color melting works on a variety of shades, from rich brunettes, baby blonds, and dimensional reds to rainbow hues. It really depends on the color you're looking to achieve.

The process is similar to balayage in that it's usually a demipermanent color process done on top of balayage. "What I'll usually do is a balayage of the whole head, and then I'll go in and choose a tone between the root color and the balayage to marry the two," said Kenyon. "It doesn't look as stark. It also adds depth and makes you look fresher, younger."

Keep reading to get inspiration for your next Fall hair color.Read more at:bridal gowns | bridesmaid dresses online


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Westfield Century City


First-Ever Uber Lounge Coming to Westfield Century City

Westfield is making it easier for shoppers to get to and from its shopping centers with its latest partnership.

The company announced Thursday that it's teaming up with Uber on designated drop-off and pick-up stations for the ride-sharing app's vehicles at all its malls in the United States.

The deal also includes the first-ever Uber Lounge at Westfield Century City, which is currently going through a $1 billion redevelopment. The lounge will feature "ultra-modern design, sleek seating, and unexpected customer amenities" as customers wait for their Uber ride, according to a release.

"Westfield's shopping centers already have an incredible combination of fashion, food, services and amenities — all in one place with digital enhancements such as product search, directional and frictionless parking," said William Hecht, Westfield's chief operating officer in the U.S., in a statement. "Now, we are thrilled to be able to partner with Uber to leverage modern technology in a way that makes it more convenient than ever to travel to and from any Westfield destination."

Westfield's partnership with Uber is just the latest in a string of improvements to the Century City location. As THR reported last week, the mall will launch a centralized studio services suite to cater to L.A.'s music, TV and film industries. There's also a space dedicated to stylists and costume designers with a VIP room designed for fittings.

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Denver Fashion Community Rallies Behind At-Risk-Youth with Urban Nights

Urban Nights — Denver’s largest outdoor urban fashion show and fundraiser that benefits at-risk youth — returned for its fifth year on Saturday, August 5. Its latest theme was Threads of Promise.

“On any given night in Denver, more than 900 youth are homeless or on the verge of becoming homeless,” said Donna Crafton Montgomery, 2017 Urban Nights chair. It’s a tough statistic to face but the creators of the respected fashion show hope to redirects the lives of at-risk youth through Urban Nights. “This year, we [were] thrilled to add new beneficiaries that expand our reach into this vulnerable population providing a wide range of services to the at-risk youth that each organization serves,” Montgomery said. This year’s show benefitted Urban Peak, The Danny Dietz Foundation and La Academia at The Denver Inner City Parish and was sponsored by The Joseph Family Foundation, Tempus Jets, Bank of America, Jeep, CBS4, and Matthew Morris Skincare & Salon, among others. Craftan gave us insight about how this year’s charity fashion show compared to last year’s and what we can expect for 2018.

How did Urban Nights get started?

Donna Crafton: Urban Nights began in October 2012 after the members of the Joseph Family Foundation assembled a committee of 50 volunteers to bring to fruition the inaugural Urban Nights held in August 2013. The event welcomed over 1,400 guests, raised more than $150,000 for Urban Peak and launched Denver’s newest and most exciting fundraiser.

Did this year’s earnings exceed last year’s expectations?

DC: Yes! We are still wrapping up, but we think we raised almost double.

How is the donated money dispersed?

DC: It is shared between our three charity partners, Urban Peak, La Academia and Danny Dietz Foundation.

Urban Nights benefits at risk youth. Can you tell me about a specific young person (or more) who’s life has been made for the better?

DC: While there are many, [but] because we are talking about youth, we are bound by privacy. However, I’ve had the privilege of spending time with many of the youth this year and even took one, Patrick, to 9News with me to promote this year’s event. He shared his story on the air.

Are there any designers in mind for next year’s show? Next year’s chairs?

Craftan: Next year’s event will be chaired by Andrew Feinstein and Sarah McCarthy. They will be fantastic and will announce plans as they begin making decisions on designers and all of the other event details.

Just for fun, did you have a favorite outfit on the runway?

Craftan: I loved them all, but was especially excited to have Nicholas K anchor the show. It’s a real treat to host a designer from New York City and to have them attend in person. They dressed me that night, with a sample from the show, so I’d have to say that was my favorite runway look!

The night had no shortage of talent as it opened with designs from The Art Institute of Colorado students, including Anthony Heimann, Emily Fritz, Chantal Goethals, Danielle Horrigan, Katherine McBride, and Dacy Luneburg. Suitsupply followed with a brilliant display of fall colors, dapper patterns, stylish layering, and elevated menswear. Lastly, Nicholas K closed the fashion show with “Threads of Change” and selections from his New York Fall/Winter collection. A stunning array of glamorous metallics, bold accessories, edgy prints, and New York-esque high fashion was modeled on the runway.

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Beckham style saga.


Another chapter in the ongoing Beckham style saga.

It's not surprising that Brooklyn Beckham and his dad David Beckham dress alike—and sometimes share a wardrobe. If your dad was a globetrotting, soccer-star style icon, you'd dress like him too. But it works the other way, too: if your son was as cool as Brooklyn Beckham, you'd probably cop some of his moves as well—secure in the knowledge you taught him everything he knows so far. Wednesday, the younger Beckham took a tour of his new stomping grounds in New York City with dad by his side. Brooklyn's enrolled at Parsons to study photography, and like any good dad, David was there to see his son off on this new journey. But he was also there to try and dress even more like a style-conscious college student.

Dressed in black jeans, a light blue chambray shirt opened over a white tee, matching light blue trainers, and a mustard-yellow beanie, David Beckham looked like the 2017 version of a California college kid. In contrast, Brooklyn's style was more in line with a '90s freshman who's heavy into grunge music. In fact if his pants weren't so tight he'd be a pitch perfect extra on the set of Reality Bites. The combat boots, the open flannel shirt, the floppy hair, and the army surplus backpack are all markers of the decade. Even his light dusting of facial hair is giving us nostalgia for the days of grunge.

Normally we'd say a man with a teenage son should dress more his age (42 in Beckham's case). But the guy's fit—despite its youthful leanings looks pretty damn good. (Though we'd lose the beanie, at least until the temperature drops below sixty.) In the Beckham household, dad wants to dress like son, who wants to dress like dad might have twenty years ago. When it looks this good, we're into it.

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Fashion legacy


Princess Diana's fashion legacy lives on in palace exhibit

Princess Diana remains a revered fashion icon, and the fascination with the style that saw designers from around the globe clamor to dress her shows no signs of abating.

The princess’s fashion evolution from a teenage bride to a fully-fledged style maven is laid bare in the exhibition Diana: Her Fashion Story, which has been on display at Kensington Palace, her former home in west London, since February.

Among the outfits on show are the pale pink ruffle collared Emanuel blouse she wore for the official portrait to mark her engagement to Prince Charles, and the blue velvet gown she famously wore to dance with John Travolta at the White House in 1985.

A blue tartan Emanuel suit she wore on an official trip to Venice in the 1980s is being showcased to the public for the first time.

Diana used to walk in the palace’s grounds, talking to the gardeners who cared for the blooms that changed with the seasons. Flowers and plants that evoke the princess's style have been planted in one of the palace's gardens to complement the exhibition.

"Diana, Princess of Wales has become a fashion icon very much in the same way as Audrey Hepburn or Jackie Kennedy — timeless, elegant, and still incredibly relevant," said Eleri Lynn, curator of Diana: Her Fashion Story.

"She championed British fashion designers — putting many of them on the international stage — and her outfits inspired copies the world over. She also helped popularize the romantic look in the early '80s, the fabulously glamorous ‘Dynasty’ look in the late '80s, and the sleek silhouettes of the '90s.

"What’s particularly interesting is that while each of these looks still reappears on the catwalk from time to time, they’ve become inseparable from the image of the princess."
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fashion news


Warp – when fashion and technology come together

They say that the bag a woman carries says a lot about her but could that be held true in a place with few statement bags of local origin? One could say that there are a handful of local brands making bags but there are those that are borne in the comfort of having leather tanneries in the family and bag stores on the side, those who are more inclined towards exporting their bags or those that are part of brands known for other products like shoes etc. There are longtime bag manufacturers like Jafferjees, who are known for their classic quality but they are hardly innovative. Designers like Wardha Saleem have collaborated with them to inject a dose of trendy into their designs but that’s only a one-off occurrence. Mahin Hussain has created line after line of handbags but they are more of the quirky statement rather than the classic handbag you’d carry around all the time. Are there any local bag designers that have the potential to be an investment akin to Birkins or Chanel bags? We’d say that new market entrant Warp has the potential to achieve that milestone!

Chances are that Warp’s bags are unlike any of the ones you’ve seen before because in a first, they aim to combine fashion and technology. The extent of possibilities that technology can offer and the bar in terms of functional design is noteworthy. Tech-fashion is quite a nascent market in Pakistan, as experienced by the startup company in its initial stages, but the unique crux of the business ie. combining technology with local traditional leather craftsmanship, helped the brand build their name.

“When we first set the basis of Warp, one thing was decided that design will be at its core. Design not just in terms of aesthetics, but also in terms of the use and how it stimulates the senses of anyone who sees it. Good design is always something that is evocative. Hence, the idea was to play with form,” says Hirra Babar, CEO and Creative Director Warp. The team has borrowed concepts from geometry and architecture to build forms and refined them in a subtle way. Currently they have three shapes in different colours: the tote, minibag, midi tote and the wallet on chain.

Interestingly, the collection today is not what they had planned when they started in January 2015. They started off working on a Smart Bag with built-in technology through which women on the go could charge their mobile phones and stay alert at all times. The idea was first of its kind at that time so they got themselves incubated in Plan9 as a startup. (Plan9 is regarded as Pakistan’s largest technology incubator.) They built their team there, gained industry knowledge and were able to make their first working prototype. However, due to the challenges of being in a non-existent fashion-tech industry in Pakistan they had to take some strategic calls and restrict themselves to introducing the product without the built-in tech.

Hira shared that working with local workshops who specialized in leather craftsmanship was another challenge.

“They had amazing grip on their craft but lacked the understanding of world-class production which came from finesse, quality control and operations optimization. We thought this was a bigger challenge and if we had to contribute towards the local manufacturing, this is the area that demanded the most attention.”

They moved out of Plan9 last year and set up a small place in Model Town, Lahore. That’s when they started selling their first product, the Hexella Minibag, in the market. Two years since inception, the team has been able to work out their supply chain setup end-to-end for designing with a collection in place and customers all over the world.

On who they consider competition Babar adds, “I am really glad to see a lot of people taking the initiative in the local fashion accessories space in Pakistan, especially the ones working with leather are doing great work. I believe, each brand has a very unique aesthetic and its own place in the market.”

They hope to be introducing new collections each year and diversifying their portfolio by tapping into footwear and new innovative accessories, which would include introducing a line of ‘smart bags’, when the market is mature. When and whether that happens remains to be seen but one thing Warp will always be, is the first tech-fashion accessories brand of Pakistan.

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Season 16 Premiere


Heidi Klum Hosts Bra Brunch in L.A., Talks 'Project Runway' Season 16 Premiere

Ahead of Thursday's Project Runway season 16 premiere, Heidi Klum took to Beverly Hills' Hotel Bel-Air to unveil her upcoming lingerie collection during an intimate floral-filled brunch.

Surrounded by red and pink roses and peonies, three models of various sizes showcased Klum's fall/winter intimates range, which is priced from $25 to $170 and comprised of balconette and half-wire bras with matching thongs and bikini briefs, sexy silk slip dresses and robes, lace-accented bodysuits and maternity bras, to name a few.

As a former Victoria's Secret Angel, the German model knows a thing or two about inspiring women to feel sexy. The designer herself fronted the latest Heidi Klum Intimates campaign, which was shot in Santa Monica by Emmy Award-winning director and photographer Francesco Carrozzini.

But in light of the country's current political climate — one where a president openly berates women (remember when Klum fired back at then-candidate Donald Trump after he declared her "no longer a 10"?) — the 44-year-old mother of four hopes she can instill confidence from within, which is why she included a range of sizes and styles in her lingerie collection, including bras in sizes F and G, maternity pieces and a deep-plunge bra that's "her personal favorite."

"To be honest, at the end of the day it's not [about] the lingerie. I don't want to push my [line] and say [it's] going to do everything for you, because it doesn't," she says. "Ultimately, you are the one that has to feel sexy in it. If you have a beautiful piece on and you feel extra special then yes, but it has to come from within. I can throw the sexiest piece on you but if you don't feel it, it's not going to happen."

In addition to designing her intimates brand, Klum is also set to debut her very first apparel collection with German supermarket chain Lidl, which reportedly plans to open over 600 stores in the U.S. Named Esmara by Heidi Klum, the label will include trendy and affordable pieces, including a leather jacket, from $7 to $30.

The Hollywood Reporter sat down with Klum following the brunch to learn more about where she finds design inspiration, her favorite Project Runway memories, her Halloween costume plans this year and more.

Your annual Halloween party is just a few months away. What do you have planned for your costume this year?

It’s going to be a scary one this year; last year I was me [as a 95-year-old]. ... Literally [that] happened because I was like, “How am I going to get out of one year not having to do prosthetics?” But this year I'm actually going to be very scary again [and] it's not really under-the-radar once I come to the party and people know that it's me.

Now that Project Runway is celebrating its Sweet 16th season, what are some of your fondest memories from over the years?

I would say the very first episode ever, that kind of set a tone [when contestant] Austin Scarlett did that very famous corn-husk dress. That was the very first episode, and we gave them the unconventional materials challenge where they went into the supermarket and they could [use] whatever they wanted. He just grabbed a bunch of corn, ripped the husks off and sewed the dress from that; we had to refrigerate it overnight. That will always stick [out] in my mind. Really, all of the unconventional material challenges, they're always amazing.

Have you ever gotten starstruck by a Project Runway guest?

I love Bob Mackie. Some people kind of get starstruck with different actors; for me, it was Bob Mackie. He's just so over the top and so flamboyant, [especially with] all of those Vegas outfits that he did for these gorgeous girls who were dancing. I actually did a photoshoot [in Las Vegas] once and I got to wear some of [his designs] and it was amazing. Fantasy! I wish we would still dress like that.

What can you reveal to us about this season?

Our very first episode this year, the designers have to do a red-carpet look, so we immediately hit them with a frying pan basically over the head and [challenged them to create it] in one day. You know, most designers take months to do that, so we keep them on their toes.

This is also the first time that models of all sizes will be included. What are your thoughts on the timing?

It's shocking, actually, that we haven't done this earlier. I [have always said] it is important that designers can design for women of all sizes because women are shorter, taller, more voluptuous, skinnier, in between, everything — so you have to cater and design for all women. I also keep that in mind when I design lingerie, that I don't just have lingerie that goes to like, [size] D. We go to F, G — it's important because there isn't a lot for women with larger breasts out there.

Now that you're a lingerie and clothing designer, have you picked up any tips from Project Runway?

I wouldn't say [I've picked up any] "tips," but I think subconsciously everything you see does get stored in your head somewhere. I don't want to say [that the show] doesn't inspire me because it must somehow, and especially with me [because] I'm a very visual person. [For example] if you come to my house, it's very colorful. I have paintings everywhere, I don't get rid of anything, I collect weird things from all over the place, I have every boarding pass [for] any plane that I've been on, I collect heart rocks from the beach. I'm crazy — I have a lot of stuff! Our house is not a showroom, so I'm very visual. And I'm a little bit of a hoarder, it's a little bit of a problem. I collect a lot of things.

What other interesting things do you find yourself collecting?

I also collect old [Schildkrot] dolls that were made from celluloid and they have a turtle [logo] on their backs. I have them with the glass eyes, even older ones [that] the eyes were painted on — I have [about] 60 and [the kids] can't touch them. I also have a lot of Barbies — [she] was me at one point.

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