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Face - the skin specialist


When Stephanie invited me to try the Jet Peel treatment I was very happy to oblige. This is an award winning, state of the art treatment that is favoured by the Beckhams and other major celebrities. It has won countless awards year on year and continues to deliver outstanding results.

To start with, she used the Image Vital C cleanser to remove any traces of the day's makeup (it smells like subtle oranges - beautiful and fresh ). It is ideal for dry/dehydrated, sensitive and redness prone skin due to harsh environmental stressors.

Then it was straight on to the Jet Peel. This is the best non-invasive, non-heat, skin rejuvenation treatment on the market. The basic principal is simple: A jet stream of saline solution and air gently and painlessly touches the skin through a nozzle. It feels quite similar to a spray tan. It's very relaxing. This takes about 20 minutes. After the initial hydro facial part of the Jet Peel was completed it was finished with a vitamin infusion and for me Stephanie used a vitamin C infusion followed by hyaluronic acid (which I'm told is like a sponge for the skin as it can hold up to 1,000 times more water in the skin, meaning hydrated skin for longer ).

The result is rejuvenated skin and facial deep cleansing resulting in a fresh and youthful appearance. It is an all natural and painless skin treatment that dramatically improves the texture and appearance of the skin.

My treatment included the multi award winning Dermalux LED device, and having been the national trainer for this device Stephanie knows all the tricks that can be done to enhance and get the best from this treatment. She used two lights on me — red and near infared — for 20 minutes. This device uses highly advanced LED lights to recharge, strengthen, and energise skin cells. This leaves your skin glowing and radiant. The treatment has been proven to stimulate the production of collagen and elastin.

After the treatment, my skin looked fresh, hydrated, and clear. There was no redness even after the LED light and in fact my skin looked very soft and youthful. Aftercare is very simple — apply a good SPF daily (factor 50 is recommended ) and keep the skin hydrated with a good moisturiser.

Stephanie Coyne stocks IMAGE and Heliocare products and will advise you on the best ones for your skin type. I am currently using the Stem Cell Serum with Stem Cell Creme at night and it is really good. I am also using Heliocare Factor 50 tinted moisturiser during the day and I am really happy with the coverage. Also my skin has never felt so good.Read more at:short wedding dresses | vintage wedding dresses


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Nicole has demon workouts


LOS ANGELES-Nicole Scherzinger hits the gym ''like a demon '' to get in shape.

The 39-year-old beauty says whenever she needs to tone up for her music videos or TV appearances she goes hard with her fitness like she is in a battle.

However, she loves to indulge in a deep tissue massage when she can and prefers running in the British capital, because no one tries to stop her to chat.

Asked what her secrets are, she told new! magazine: ''To get in shape before a video shoot or during 'The X Factor', I hit the gym like a demon .

''It's like training for a world title fight! To stop exercise being boring, I mix it up with yoga and spin. A deep tissue massage with essential oils afterwards is an ultimate treat.

''I also love to run and when I'm in London, I pound the sidewalk.

''No one bothers me if I stick a cap on, although they probably can't catch me!''

Meanwhile, Nicole recently revealed she works out with David Beckham.

The 'Poison' singer boasts a super toned physique, and revealed she maintains her slender frame by attending spin classes with the former England football captain when she is in Los Angeles, California, because they both have the ''same favourite teacher'' at the fitness centre.

Speaking about her exercise plan and partner, she said recently: ''I've taken SoulCycle spinning classes with David in LA because we have the same favourite teacher that we love there.''

And 'The X Factor' judge has admitted fashion designer Julien Macdonald has asked the 'Right There' hitmaker to exercise with her and the football ace - who has sons 18-year-old Brooklyn, Romeo, 15, Cruz, 12, and six-year-old daughter Harper with his wife Victoria - at Barry's Bootcamp.

She continued: ''My friend [designer] Julien Macdonald was like, 'You, me and David are going to go and work out at Barry's Bootcamp'''.

However, the Pussycat Dolls band member thinks she will have to start training a lot harder before she joins David and Julien on a fitness class.

She added: ''Though I might have to shape up first.''Read more at:wedding gowns perth | cheap wedding dresses online


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Attend the Show Like a Pro


The annual Columbus Weddings Show can be intense for those who aren’t prepared. Two days, 200-plus vendors, runway shows and more—it’s no wonder some to-be-weds feel a bit overwhelmed. Columbus Weddings spoke to celebrity wedding planner David Tutera, who will make another appearance at the show in 2018, to get his advice on avoiding overstimulation and making the most of your time at the largest bridal expo in Central Ohio.

No. 1: Know What You Want

“Any couple going ... needs to be very clear with what their expectations are,” Tutera says. “Are you going in for inspiration or are you going in for actual connection to potential vendors that you’ll hire?” Newly engaged couples will be on the inspiration end of things, he adds, finding ideas about style and theme at the show and leaving with the tools to start planning.

Tutera compares the process of wedding planning to building a house: your engagement is the foundation; core services like venue, entertainment and photography/videography are the pillars or frame; and smaller vendors are the walls of the house. “A lot of people going to wedding shows—especially this one, which is very large and informative—sometimes wind up picking the walls of the wedding home first, before they have the pillars up,” Tutera cautions. Focusing on smaller details like a photo booth or limo before you have the pillars in place can lead to blowing your budget.

No. 2: Dress for Success

The most important part of your wedding show attire? “Comfortable shoes,” says Tutera. You will be walking or on your feet for most of the day at the show, so high heels probably aren’t the best option. Similarly, uncomfortable clothes and a large, heavy bag will definitely detract from your enjoyment of the show.

No. 3: Choose Your Companions

“Do not bring an entourage of people,” Tutera says. “I think it’s important to have—I call it the committee—I always tell couples that they should pick three people in their lives to support them.” Your committee could include a parent, wedding party member or sibling—anyone whose opinion you trust and who can you bounce ideas off of. The temptation to bring a large group can be high, but try to resist it. When you have too many people with you, you end up wrangling them instead of enjoying the show, Tutera explains. “Having done so many of these shows, and having done my own as well, [I notice that] the bride almost gets lost in the equation.”

No. 4: Use Your Time Wisely

“My recommendation would be to hit it fast, hit it hard ... and don’t stay for eight hours,” Tutera says. “It should really, honestly not feel like it’s a task. It should be kind of fun.” You can maximize your time at the show by planning your route through the vendor booths before you dive in. If you’re looking for a specific vendor or two, you can grab a map at the entrance to the show and mark which booths you need to hit. But if you’re just looking for inspiration or still need most of your vendors, Tutera suggests picking a side of the room and working your way to the other side methodically. “Your automatic reaction is to walk in and go straight, and that creates confusion,” he says, adding that working from one side to the other helps you remember what you’ve seen and where it is in the room, in case you want to go back.

Another way to make the most of your time at the Columbus Weddings Show is to come armed with a few key questions for the vendors you’re interested in learning more about. Tutera recommends just three: How long have you been in business? Do you do multiple weddings in a weekend or a day? And, what makes your business unique compared to your competitors?

“That should give you enough insight. You can go online,” to get more information on any vendor after the show, Tutera says. “Every vendor that you’re considering by looking at them at a booth at a show, go to their website and see how good the quality is there.” Ultimately, he adds, you shouldn’t need to spend more than five or 10 minutes with any vendor. This isn’t the time to interview your photographer to make sure your personalities mesh; it’s a time to gather information about many different vendors to compare later.

No. 5: Have Fun!

Remember, this should be a fun experience in your wedding planning journey, whether you got engaged two weeks before the show or two years prior. As he did last year, Tutera will give a stage presentation at 2 p.m. on both days of the show. “I’m always beyond thrilled to be on stage and speaking to as many people as possible, and show them ... what I can guide them to in [terms] of style,” he says. Guests will have the chance to meet Tutera and take a photo with him immediately following the stage show both days.

New this year will be two giveaways for chances to meet and chat with Tutera. Six lucky winners and their guests will get dinner with him at a to-be-determined location, where they can ask for styling advice for their big days. Radio station Sunny 95 is teaming up with the Columbus Weddings Show to give away a full styling session and makeover with Tutera as well. The lucky bride-to-be will walk away with a wedding gown, bridesmaid dresses, accessories and even shoes and jewelry from Tutera’s own bridal line.

Also returning this year are two daily runway shows featuring looks from White of Dublin, Off White, David’s Bridal, Henri’s Cloud Nine and Men’s Wearhouse, as well as the chance to win fabulous prizes to help make your dream wedding a reality. Be sure to keep an eye on and our Instagram, Facebook and Twitter feeds for more details as January approaches.Read more at:plus size wedding dresses | wedding dresses


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Up your beauty game in Christmas spirit


Christmas parties are the time you can go a little extra with glitter, metallics and bold colours. It's time to dust off your ordinary beauty routine and glam it up with some experimental makeup, hair and nail tips.

TIGI Educator Audrey D'Souza shares three hair looks to boast major hair goals

* The Beachy Brunch Look: Apply a coin size amount of volumizing mousse on damp hair; Use a heat protectant and blow dry the hair completely dry ; Add a little bling by taking the top half of your hair and securing it with your favorite accessory ; Lightly brush the hair with a boar bristle brush to add some texture and finish using a volumizing hairspray

* The Boho - Mermaid Look: Get the base right by applying a texturing serum; Part the hair into two and work with volumizing mousse for a messy, Bedhead look; Maintain the tempo and take smaller sections using the Dutch braiding technique and secure the end with a black ribbon; Finish the look with a texturizing spray

* The lazy-girl-turns-sophisticated look: Start by applying power dry on the hair for achieving good texture and smoothness for the look

Create three sections, separating the back from the sides, using a radial parting so that the front can be easily shaped over the ears. Start at the back, using a stuffing, and roll the hair towards the nape, moving upwards in outward direction; Secure the sides and the center using bob pins and tuck the hair into a messy bun; At the end spray some hard holding-shine spray for a long-lasting hold and shine

Sushma Khan, National Creative Director - Makeup, Lakme Salon gives a few tips on how to ensure your makeup stays and stands apart:

* Air brush makeup is highly recommended as it will give your skin a natural and long-lasting finish. It is great to use when facing a high definition camera as it gives a picture-perfect finish to your look. The Liquid Lustre and High definition airbrush makeup services at Lakme Salon are a quick and easy way to achieve a flawless look

* Choose from a variation of eye liners ranging from coloured or shimmer to holographic and apply using graphic techniques

* Opt for Ombre lips in gradients starting from soft nudes to brighter colours like cherry reds, orange and fuchsia. These will compliment your outfit adding another dimension to your look

* Swap your highlighter for a holographic coloured blush to get shine and colour on your cheeks

Explaining festive nail trends, Disha Meher, National Creative Director - Skin and Nails, Lakme Salon added: "Nail art has become a part of a modern woman's style statement. Party nail art with bold colors, glitter and metallic shades are the latest trends. Chrome nails have also become immensely popular. With pigments, dusts and polishes, there are all these different ways you can achieve metallic nails. If you're looking for something different, try Lakme Salon's Advanced Nail Art services that involve techniques like water marbelling, printing foil and vinyl art."Read more at:wedding dresses | bridesmaid dresses online


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Your Guide to Ring Insurance


We’ve all heard the horror stories about a ring down the garbage disposal, but have no fear! There are ways to protect your shiny new bling from damage, loss or theft. We’re here to give you the lowdown on all things ring insurance.

“Engagement rings and wedding bands are typically one of the most valuable items of jewelry couples are going to purchase,” says Theresa Capace, manager of Worthington Jewelers. Insuring these pieces can financially protect you from almost any kind of loss or damage.

When it comes to setting up your policy, you have two basic options: a rider on your homeowner’s or renter’s insurance or a personal articles policy. Which one you go with will depend on the value of the ring.

Your homeowner’s or renter’s insurance will cover a percentage of personal property, which includes jewelry. But because it’s only a percentage, there’s a maximum dollar amount on how much they will reimburse. If your ring is valued at more than the maximum on your policy, you should consider insuring it under its own policy through a dedicated insurer like Jewelers Mutual.

And it’s never too soon to get your ring insured. “When someone is picking up their ring,” says Capace, “we tell them to contact their insurance agent right away.” If you’re picking up a ring but don’t plan to propose right away, you may want to get a temporary policy through your homeowner’s or renter’s insurance—even if you plan to insure it through a dedicated company after giving it to your sweetie.

Before you purchase insurance, you’ll need to have your ring appraised. Usually, an appraisal will directly follow your purchase and, as Worthington Jewelers’ gemologist Vickie Warnecke says, it should include everything from how the ring was made to the specific value of the ring at the time and place of purchase.

Over the years, you’ll also need to have your ring reappraised. Most insurance companies will suggest having your ring reappraised every two to five years—some may even require it and send reminders—but some scenarios might require an early reappraisal. Switching insurance companies and moving to a new area (because a ring’s value often depends on where you live) are two such examples.Read more at:wedding dress brisbane | wedding gowns perth


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Homecoming by Marriott


Divya Thakur’s Indian design aesthetics at her multidisciplinary design studio, Design Temple, in Mumbai, has earned her quite a few accolades. But, what makes the art curator and researcher relevant today? What strikes a chord with her heart and inspires her? Marriott follows her footsteps to discover where her heart belongs.

In the third part of the ‘Homecoming by Marriott’ series, the design maven, makes her way to Rajasthan as she highlights artistic wonders of the Golden City of India, Jaisalmer. After uncovering Malaika Arora Khan’s fashion sensibilities and Maria Goretti’s culinary, ‘Homecoming by Marriott’ sets out on an artistic journey with Divya Thakur. Watch her sculpt her unique ‘Homecoming at Marriott’ at the Jaisalmer Marriott Resort and Spa.

You will also see that the Jaisalmer Marriott Resort & Spa, with its design aesthetics in all its glory, proves to be a perfect destination for nuptials for the upcoming wedding season.

Art Trotting

Indian crafts have always mesmerised Thakur and that’s exactly what drew her to explore the timeless beauty of Jaisalmer’s iconic forts and fortresses. The artist loves getting away to distinct places that speak volumes about India’s design sensibilities. It moves her to see different works that are traditionally Indian but also imbibe a contemporary flair. From admiring the ancient Indian craft of Jaalis to taking in the beauty of the Thar Desert, Thakur found a pedestal for her artistic escapades with the exemplary hospitality at Jaisalmer Marriott Resort and Spa.

Dream Works

Right from waking up in the morning to unobstructed views of the famed Jaisalmer Fort to the resort’s regal courtyard, Thakur instantly found a soulful connect with Marriott ‘s iconic façade. The space is packed with inspiration at every nook and corner – its arches, unending horizon of banquets and the pillars. But, Thakur’s experience in the desert state wasn’t limited just to the hotel.

Presenting the Past

The five-star concierge services tempted her to explore the dunes in the Great Indian Thar Desert. She also made her way to the legendary Patwon ji ki Haweli, where she could bask in the charms of the ageless arts. All these minute details sparked her imagination.

And, throughout the journey, Jaisalmer Marriott Resort and Spa proved to be a home that inspired her to unravel a part of herself. The Marriott propelled Thakur to rediscover her art and sensibilities. So, at the end of every day, she found herself brimming with ideas to give her art a new form.

If you want to get in on exclusive travels of other illustrious women of the country, watch this space for more updates and see how each of them find their unique ‘Homecoming at Marriott’.Read more at:wedding dresses australia | wedding dresses online


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Nikkah Ceremonies must be Simple


Talking about the history of nikkah, there is no doubt that the first marriage was performed by Allah himself, between Adam(A.S) and Hawa(A.S).

“Dwell you and your wife in paradise” – (Al-Baqarah)

It is a divine union made by Allah. It is a gift from Him and it should not go beyond His limits. What was supposed to be a beautiful and a natural practice, has now become a source of evil in the present society.

Talking about Kashmir, Nikkah here has lost its true value. People don’t know what Nikkah means- that is two people to come under the shade of Allah’.

People here take recourse to elaborate and extravagant weddings. They take out a huge amount of loan just for taking part in things that are prohibited, even if they don’t have enough resources for organizing such a big wedding. For the sake of pleasing their relatives and other people, and for what people are going to say, they put themselves in a situation that creates a problem for them in the future. Like we see, people have created different sessions of marriage like Henna night, Reception, solemnization and so on and every session has its own traditions (not defined anywhere). For example, if we consider “Mehandiraat” (the day before reception), a lot of money is wasted that night. People gather along with the singers and dancers and start doing things that are inappropriate.

We are responsible for bringing up these problems to ourselves. It is evident from the fights and arguments that occur during the time of wedding, that the Shayateen are prominent in our practices. One relative turns against another, over petty issues, leading to conflicts.

Another problem which is a relatively more serious concern, and affects the future of the couple is “Wartaav” (a gift for the one who is getting married; usually money). If we dwell a little bit into the history of Wartaav, it was given to the people as a gift who were financially poor by their relatives or friends. This was a source of help for them. The intention behind giving money was only to help. It was a wonderful tradition which has turned into a burden and a curse for society. The people, who are invited to the wedding, feel obliged to pay. They just can’t go with their empty hands and pockets. And yes, their payment is noted by the recipient, so that when it comes to his turn of paying on the occasion of someone else’s wedding, they will return a similar amount or a little bit more than that, to somehow portray, superiority. And, this “Tit for Tat” relationship violates the importance of brotherhood and Nikkah which also a sometimes becomes the reason for some people to not attend a wedding- just because they couldn’t afford to present a significant amount of money or buy expensive gifts.

On the other hand, the newly married couple also suffers due to this gift exchanging ritual. They receive expensive gifts from others but there comes a time when they must return it back, one way or the other. This leads to financial distress which can become a cause of divorces today.

Apart from all this, there’s the obvious wastage of money and resources. A humungous amount of food is wasted in our weddings like it’s no big deal. A significant amount of money is exchanged between the two families in the form of gold and jewelry, which, again is unnecessary and immoral. Our Deen has given a way out for every situation and every problem in life. Islam demands a certain amount of money to be paid to the bride by the groom, called ‘Mahr’, in order to complete the Nikkah. Apart from this, there is no need for any more unnecessary customs which only bring more and more problems. People nowadays reduce the amount of Mahr as much as they can, and give more “gifts” and “presents” to the bride, so that in the future if need be, this will help their own selves. Mahr, cannot be used by the husband in any way and is solely the property of the bride.

Simplicity is beautiful and our Deen is the epitome of simplicity. We are the ones who make it complicated. Walima is a practice that is encouraged by Islam, and we should, if we can, oblige to it, and by keeping it simple, we can invite a whole lot of people in a way that benefits all. The relationship between a husband and his wife is supposed to be built on love and trust. By bringing in these evil traditions into practice, we are inviting Shaitaan to ruin this relationship and everything related to it.

Now is the time we need to open our eyes and look where we stand. Every citizen of Kashmir should work on this issue in order to save themselves from a big heartache. We should not care what others do because one person makes a huge difference. Just think about the time of Prophet(PBUH). Only a few people accepted Islam that time and today the second largest population of the world is that of Muslims. We just have to make a start and be positive about our efforts, and leave all the rest to Allah.Read more at:bridesmaid dresses sydney | bridesmaid dresses melbourne


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Actor Ileana D’Cruz was spotted in Mumbai yesterday

A gem of a wedding

LEADING jeweller and connoisseur Viren Bhagat’s son Jay is getting married this week to Pune-based media honcho Sabina and Anil Sanghvi’s daughter Shibani. The festivities began last weekend in Pune itself, with a wedding card handdrawn by the late artist MF Husain for the bride when she was a child, and a big-fat-splashy sangeet. A mega reception is being hosted at a swanky palace hotel in Jodhpur this weekend. For the sangeet, Shibani wore a beautiful Gaurav Gupta lehenga-gown. Singer Mika performed for over three hours to a swinging guest-list that included Cyrus Poonawalla (second-gen excluded), Michelle and Yohan Poonawalla (Zavaray’s daughter-in-law and son), Baba Kalyani, Arun Firodia with his daughter Sulajja, Suresh Kalmadi, Venky’s Bala, Alpana and Rahul Kirloskar and also Avinash Bhosle. From Mumbai, Gucci’s Reena Wadhwa and Mayuri and Vayu Garware were present too. The singer pulled Jay and Shibani onto the stage, while Viren and wife Madura cheered on.

Dinner is also breakfast

USUALLY we avoid restaurant openings, too many of them are not too good for girth. But we’re glad we attended the launch of restaurateur Farrokh Khambatta’s new Thai eatery at NCPA. Such a glamorous opening night it was, with the perfect mix of SoBo’s grand dames and Bollywood’s biggies in one giant and hungry room. Siblings Randhir Kapoor and Rima Jain hosted two tables: for gentlemen and ladies respectively. Randhir’s table had his brotherin- law Manoj Jain and his kids Adar and Armaan, Jammi Jamwal and Anish Trivedi. While Rima’s had Rita Dhody, Gauri Pohoomul and Renuka Khalil. The elegant Karisma Kapoor and steady date Sandeep Toshniwal came over to say hello too. On another table sat Soni Razdan with Neena Gupta, Rahul Akerkar and Seema and Jaideep Mehrotra. Gautam and Nawaz Singhania roamed the room, as did Laila and Ricky Lamba, Laila and Farhan Furniturewala, Lyla and Zubin Marker, Lata Patel, Zeba Kohli, Milan Luthria, Parthiv Kilachand and Rihyad Kundanmal. Hosts Dilshad and Farrokh personally welcomed all the guests and ensured everyone had a taste of their Robatayaki grill. We hear guests were eating till 3 am.

A wedding and some wedding plans

A flashy wedding in Dubai had Mumbai socialite Kaykasshan Patel and her husband Arif, and brothers Jai and Vikram Shroff hop over for a few days. Film producer Tarnpreet’s sister Japinder Kaur married Harpreet Singh Chaddha in a glamourous Bollywood-ishtyle wedding at the Palazzo Versace. Among the guests was their great friend Natalia Kapchuk, rumoured to be Jai Shroff’s current girlfriend. Kapchuk, who had performed an item song called ‘Tipsy Hogai’ in Tarnpreet’s film, did a repeat of her number. No, she didn’t wear racy lingerie on stage, but a rather conservative gown. When it was time for the Punjabi custom of breaking the ‘kaliren’, where the bride breaks her gold-leaf bangles over the heads of unmarried girls, Kapchuk was the lucky recipient of the golden shower. To which Japinder commented: “Kapchuk is definitely the next one.” Hmmm.

Legally yours

NEVER mind a little smog, if it’s weddings Delhi will ensure it outdoes every other Indian city. This week sees the nuptials in the families of two eminent lawyers. Raian Karanjawala’s daughter Tahira, and Harish Salve’s daughter Sakshi. Sakshi marries Karan Bedi, a lawyer too. This Sunday, the Salve home at tony Golf Links will host the reception which will have our finance minister Arun Jaitley, business magnates Sunil Mittal, Hari Bhartia, CK Birla and several legal luminaries like Justice Mukul Mudgal, and entrepreneur Dilip Cherian. Sakshi’s tryst with weddings is a long one, the pretty girl released a book in Mumbai last year, called ‘The Big Fat Indian Wedding’, which was launched by Amitabh Bachchan.


WE hear a famous talk-show host is trying very hard to launch her show with any channel that will take her. With television content bordering on reality TV (often unintentionally), the host’s gentle grace would be welcome relief. But alas, a spoke in her wheel is none other than a rival male talkshow host. We hear he has been using his filmi clout to keep her show from airing. When one major channel did evince interest in the lady’s chat-fest, the rival host threatened to pull his show out, taking with him a bevy of stars who show up for the channel’s awards shows. And here we thought celebrities liked a little healthy competition to keep them from getting dull.Read more at:cheap wedding dresses | beach wedding dresses


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Sagarika Ghatge and Zaheer Khan’s wedding


Wedding bells are not far anymore as actress Sagarika Ghatge is getting married to cricketer Zaheer Khan on November 27 in Mumbai, reports Mumbai Mirror.

Sagarika and Zaheer will have a registered ceremony on November 27 while the celebrity couple will host their reception at a suburban Colaba hotel on the same day.

Mumbai Mirror also reports that guests have received save-the-date cards while formal invites will be sent soon. The wedding will be preceded by several ceremonies. For the wedding, Sagarika will wear a white and gold lehenga by Sabyasachi.

Sagarika and Zaheer got engaged earlier this year and in an interview with Bombay Times last week, the couple said that they will neither opt for a Nikaah or Saat Pheras but court marriage.

Sagarika Ghatge belongs to the royal family of Shahu Maharaj of Kolhapur, while her grandmother is the daughter of Maharaja Tukojirao Holkar of Indore. Zaheer Khan is India’s finest pace bowler after Kapil Dev.

Sagarika Ghatge, best known for her role in Chak De! India, also featured in the films Miley Naa Miley Hum, Dildariyaan and Irada.Read more at:wedding dresses australia | bridesmaid dresses online


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Let the flowers do the talking


OUR demand for cut flowers seems boundless. Just look at the stats: between 1998 and 2014, imports have risen from £122million to £691m thanks to our demand for petals. So it’s no surprise that the 19th-century tradition of floriography, the hidden meanings of flowers, is now having a moment. In an age where we’re bombarded with messages via social media, this is the quieter, classier way to communicate.

While flowers have had symbolic meanings for centuries (Shakespeare’s Hamlet references rue, a flowering herb, for regret), it was the strait-laced Victorians who gave coded messages — often of unspoken desires — through bouquets of blooms. Think of it as the sexting of its time.

At that time, the closest a man could get to a public display of affection was to offer the object of his lust a small posy of flowers (Victorian ladies all carried ‘nosegays’ to mask the nasty smells of the street). And if she liked the message, she’d let you know by holding the bouquet up to her face. Not exactly Love Island but it did the job.

Now floriography is blooming again, with notable recent enthusiasts including the Duchess of Cambridge, whose wedding bouquet was intentionally filled with flowers that had meanings, both personal and symbolic. It’s not hard to see why she included sweet Williams in her bouquet, but lily of the valley conveyed happiness and trustworthiness, and myrtle conveyed love.

And while some flowers’ meanings are easy to work out — handing someone a bunch of narcissi isn’t exactly a compliment (narcissus means vanity) while extending an olive branch really does come from the historical belief that olive symbolises peace — others aren’t so straightforward. Red roses, for example, signify beauty and love — but it is red tulips that mean a declaration of love, so if you really want to tell someone how you feel on Valentine’s Day, opt for tulips. White roses mean ‘a heart unacquainted with love’, which might explain why they are popular in bridal bouquets, reflecting the purity of the bride.

If you’re planning to break up with your other half, anemones mean forsaken (to leave someone forever), lavender signifies distrust and red pelargoniums are a sign of stupidity — so watch out if someone hands you that bouquet…

Floriography can also be used to express friendship, sympathy, regret and celebration. Oak leaf represents true friendship, ivy means fidelity and is a sign you are a faithful friend, while passion flower means faith. Want to give flowers to the fashionista in your life? Then go for dahlias, which mean elegance, or poppies, which translate as ‘fantastic extravagance’ and got their name because their petals look like silk skirts, which were fabulously extravagant at the time.

As a florist, I always include rosemary in any of my funeral work — it symbolises remembrance, especially of fond times but the Victorians would also have included red carnations, meaning ‘my heart breaks’ and perhaps periwinkle, which means ‘tender recollections’.

And yet there are still some words that are hard to say and emotions that we struggle to express. If a simple posy of snowdrops (consolation and hope) can convey what words cannot, then so much the better.Read more at:cheap wedding dresses | mermaid wedding dresses


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