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Preparation for wedding photos


Picture taken for the couple is an exciting thing, although the excitement, but new people must prepare before photography, photography is not actually the couple want to so simple, one would think that as long as their presence can, this is a very wrong idea, picture taken need is a couple of cooperate, what a picture taken before the need to prepare?

Picture taken newcomer is certainly the most beautiful, so in the picture taken money bride must pay attention to the maintenance of our skin, a month before filming for better maintain article, both arms and facial ministry skin, or hair is the bride need to be aware of. Also, the bride must pay attention to her diet and exercise before taking photos. She must pay attention to her body so as not to delay taking photos.

For a bespectacled bride, it is best to practice wearing contact lenses for a month when taking wedding photos, because the eyes are easy to reflect, which has certain influence on shooting. The bride must wear shoulder less underwear in her choice of dress. This is good for matching clothes.

Photography is not only the bride, the groom is also important to note that the photo a week before his hair, and beard must be clean, and prepare one black one white, two pairs of socks and a pair of shoes, so also more clean, wearing comfortable, too.

One more thing to note is that the new pick before taking pictures of your favorite photos style, it is best to download some of your favorite online type and hair style, so also is advantageous to the makeup artist to adjust, can save a lot of time.

Taking wedding photos, like getting married, is a big deal, and couples must be ready before shooting.

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Preparations for the night before the wedding


The night before the wedding ceremony, should be the most excitement and new happiness things, but will also have a nervous, a nervous will suffer from insomnia, leading to the spirit of the second day, prepare enough, so the night before the wedding, the bride should be ready to work.

1. Remind the staff: on the eve of the wedding, the bride's preparations rank first, and of course, the final confirmation of the wedding day. The bride reminds makeup artist and hair stylist to arrive time and place, confirm tomorrow makeup look and hairstyle, lest go out by mistake auspicious hour. In addition, we need to contact the head of the wedding reception, so that everyone has the best communication, so that all the procedures can be carried out smoothly.

Diet note: the diet before marriage should be light. The simple nutrition that should eat breakfast, such as: sandwich, egg, milk, avoid tea or coffee, lest cannot fall asleep at night. Dinner should be eaten as early as possible, so as to avoid stomach distention before sleep and difficulty in sleeping. Also, avoid drinking too much water after 10 o 'clock in the evening.

3. Beauty preparation: the day before the wedding is the last stroke of beauty maintenance. The bride can focus on her hands, feet and face. Start with your face and use your favorite mask. Take a good shower to relieve yourself and be ready for the next day's wedding. Finally, remove the hair from your armpits, hands and feet so you have the whitest skin.

4. Lavender help fall asleep: even though many brides know sleep is important, but on the eve of the wedding is always a little nervous, if really is too excited to sleep, can try to drink a cup of warm milk or delicately fragranced tea, will have a good sleep. In addition, sprinkle some lavender scent on the pillow spray, also can ease relax.

Adequate phone battery: the bride's final step in getting ready, yes, to charge her cell phone. This is the detail that a lot of bride is easy to ignore, the dress is worn normally only whether appropriate, makeup is spent, issue is not disorderly fall. Charge your phone in advance on your wedding night so you can keep in touch with your bridesmaid or family the next day.

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When does the bride for the wedding pictur


Now take some group photos of exterior has become an indispensable part of a photos of the department, it make photos content more rich, let the couple can relax in the real nature sets to complete the events of life, but not all of the couple is fit for photography, so what's new is not in tune?

A, the bride and groom motion sickness: general location and studio will be relatively far away from the city proper, so the car is also very long on the road, which make a habit of motion sickness newcomer distressed, photography is a happy things easily, can let the couple's face was very bad and mental state, and even makeup also of no help, body uncomfortable feeling will also affect the mood of new shoot, so carsick serious or not to shoot on location.

Ii. The bride is in the biological stage: the bride is in the biological stage, and it is also best not to choose outdoor photography. Bride physiological period, entity appeared many uncomfortable situation, especially tired feeling, this let the couple looks not spirit, and physiological period is active for a long period of time, but also to the health of the bride, the most important thing is, the location of place in a remote area, sometimes go to the toilet is not very convenient, moreover the bride go to the toilet can also affect shooting time.

Three, shooting only one day of the couple: if the couple shooting time only one day, also had better not choose location, especially the relatively remote location of the base, if the location choice is more, so the couple's time may be not enough use, has been delayed to next day, then add the money, and the shooting process that is too tight, will make the new people feel very tired, so as to affect the effect of shooting, so the couple choose location filming location had better not too strange, best near the downtown of a few.

Four, the bride and groom are lack of exercise: it is a physical strength live, the bride and groom posed to not only, and a day to smile to face stiff, especially the bride makeup modelling will need to waste hours in the morning, still have to hungry. When you're in a bad state, the pictures don't work very well. Therefore, it is recommended that couples with poor physical fitness do not choose to take wedding photos on location in order to get the best effect.

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Haijing wedding photo wedding dress selection experience


More and more couples choose to take wedding photos. At the end of the sea, the water meets the sky. Suggest with lightsome material, adornment sex is little, quality of a material is not delicate weak marriage gauze.

Rule 1: lightweight

The seaside wedding photos include travel, so the luggage should be simple and light, so that the travel is not too heavy. So on wedding dress choice, had better give priority to with portable material. Chiffon and yarn are good choices.

Rule two: simple style and small size

The seaside photos, fishtail type, had better choose an a-line shape close-fitting clipping, or small peng skirt, etc., is A good choice, it is best to avoid A bustle of big long trailing skirts, action is not convenient, or too tight.

Criterion 3: the material is not delicate and expensive, can dip sea water

Inevitably, pat the beach wedding photos, wedding dress will stick to the sea, so the dress had better choose material not too, such as: silk chiffon, light, had better not choose heavy satin, delicate silk fabrics.

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Wedding photos are beautiful in different weather


The weather for new photography is very important, especially in the light of day good or bad determines the quality of photos, so the couple want to take pictures of the day is a good sunny day, in this way can take beautiful photos. Even on a sunny day, when the wind and fog will affect the mood of taking photos, so how to take wedding photos in different weather?

Cloudy weather

In addition to the sun is shining, actually the most suitable for their wedding photos time is cloudy, because the sunlight cloudy tend not to be strong, at this time the scenery under the clouds will be another soft, and the couple can also avoid makeup when photos were taken, reflective, hot and a series of embarrassing. In addition, when shooting a long view in cloudy weather, you will be able to experience the wonderful feeling brought to you by the changing and colorful white clouds in the sky. Such wedding photos are often more unique.

2. Windy weather

Some couples may be afraid of the wind when they take wedding photos, but in fact, the wind does not have the charm to take wedding photos. Because usually cause a feeling of flying skirt, whether is it windward and leeward and sit, vision, close range and features, as long as the Angle of the photographer chose to get good, new people prefer to show, such clap a wedding photos are often more clever.

3, the fog

It is assumed that foggy weather is not suitable for wedding photos, because wedding photos taken in such weather may be blurry and affect the photo effect. Actually it doesn't have to be, if it's taken some photos with special complex in the mist, tend to be more than other times take pictures have lasting appeal, plus the photos after post-processing is also having a unique style.

4, a rainy day

The last thing couples are likely to want to see in a wedding photo shoot is a rainy day. Of course, the pouring rain may not be suitable for wedding photos, but if it is drizzling rain, why not use such a beautiful scenery to create a unique style of wedding photos? Whether you use an umbrella or the surrounding buildings, you can direct a wedding photo with a rich story for yourself. Isn't it more interesting?

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Details the bride should pay attention


In a perfect wedding, the bride's modelling is one of the most high-profile, but want to really can create a dazzling modelling also is not simple, you must pass a fully prepared, so dazzling beauty at the wedding is also need to keep continuous improvement. So before the wedding makeup test preparation is a very important work, the following look at the bride try makeup attention to what?

Analyze your style

The bride-to-be can analyze her own style before making her own, and then choose the style that suits her best. At the time of analysis can go to read more related magazine or web page, at the same time analyze the temperament of his face and body, contrast judgement, choose your favorite and most suitable for your style, of course can also ask a friend to help your staff staff, after all, its mystery.

Don't bother to compare

There is a comparison between high and low, and there is a comparison between good and bad. When makeup artist is helping you design modelling, can ask him to design a few modelling for you more, the modelling that compares see which kind of style and your dress design still have oneself temperament to match more. Of course, you can ask him to design those with different styles, so that the contrast is bigger and the choice is bigger.

Talk to your makeup artist

Some brides are nervous when trying on a dress, and sometimes accept all the stylist's advice. This approach is clearly wrong, although it is not a professional, but after all is the oneself, stylist while hope you can trust to him, but he didn't want to impose your ideas on your body, you and he communication, sometimes is to support his work, is also responsible for your own.

You'd better choose the wedding dress on your wedding day

When you're trying makeup, it is better to choose the clothes, put on the wedding day to wear so that we can better communicate with stylist, allowed him to design a more suitable for your temperament and on the day of the wedding dress up. With stylist if you can, you can also describe the style of your wedding day and the venue layout, these details for stylist, design the most suitable for their wedding day makeup to help will be very big.

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Create a cozy bedroom with details


One house, one of the most important place is the bedroom, when tired, are most vulnerable need to find a harbour, and the bedroom is can rely on, so the couple in decorating a bedroom, must to design according to his be fond of, this can't say I don't care, can change a style again, could the couple have not direction, small make up to new people a little hint, let you not to make mistakes in decorating a new house.

Said 1, first of all, is the problem of color, first enter the bedroom, greeted is the overall color, the color should be in harmony with the whole of the bedroom, also can choose according to their own preferences, in general will choose, white, beige, pink, pale blue color, these are all give a person warm sense. If you're looking for a personality you can add some other colors, but don't overdo it, it will make the room look messy.

2 below said is lighting lighting problem, as we all know, different lighting can create a different atmosphere, if they want a bedroom to appear sweet and comfortable, you can choose to give priority to bedroom with yellow light, yellow look can let a person feel warm. If have the condition, the bedroom can be equipped with a variety of lamps and lanterns, can let whole bedroom space appear more vivid so.

3 this is privacy, when we can easily return to home to rest, don't want to be someone else, of course, peek, so this time is the problem of the choice of the curtain, material had better choose thicker, this is not only safe but also can not let the light shine in.

4 what say finally is, the adornment in the room decorates a problem, marriage gauze photograph is certain, should put in the head of a bed. The color and style of bed ark should be consistent with furniture, euramerican wind, rural wind, solid wood, have a lot of design. The choice of droplight wants to see the size of the room, do not look can not coordinate. Mural chooses a few have artistic feeling, also can white a few own photograph, appear to have home flavour more.

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How to do the hair in wedding photos


We know picture taken the bride aspects to do need to work hard, delicate makeup look, appropriate dress,, so only with beautiful modelling is good on your photos, so for we do not have a married couple, it is not easy to find suitable hairstyle?

1, the temperament of the bride's hair can decide the bride integral collocation, the bride on the traditional vertical card equipped with flower modelling, course individuation to processing to traditional card into a Korean brides headdress, is full of romantic smell that traditional bride hairpin in their sight shine at the moment, also increased a lot of energy for the bride.

2. Pour loose and loose the whole hair into the back and create a feeling of fluffiness. Then you can make low ponytail hair and then coil it to the side and back. It should be noted that the pin key of Korean bridal headwear is at the edge of the bun, which can be roughly connected with the hair, such as allowing enough natural yo. This hairstyle suits Korean style very much, the bride that likes Korean style can try.

3. Headwear should be matched with wedding photography and color, which is one of the fashion elements specially integrated into wedding photography with retro makeup. The bride's temperament is shown through her beautiful hair. And will the bride's little woman's exquisite accessories and the beauty of the hair with more elegant and beautiful. The special operation of lace flowers will match the unique artisan nature of the bride's hair accessories. The flavor gives full play to the appearance, has the strong retro momentum, the fashion wave curls the hair.

Above is a summary of the bride's wedding photos to the bride when the beautiful bride model, hope that the bride can choose their own favorite fashion wedding photos, and finally I wish you a happy wedding.

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The non-mainstream wedding


The post-90s generation is the climax of marriage. I believe that the post-90s generation also wants to take wedding photos with their own personality.

1. Free, bold, and personalized fashion wedding photography style

"90" new photos after it broke the traditional bondage, original wedding photos that more consumers and make public after 90, wedding photos to add more fashion elements, pay attention to visual shape, line performance and more dimensional feeling and artistic conception elements in it.

Lock the details from life, fully communicate with new people and control the atmosphere of the shooting scene, lock the theme to grasp the beauty. It is not only the beauty of lighting and scene, but also something with a sense of space and artistic conception. The wedding dress is tailored for them in their conversation. This kind of wedding dress photography form is more contemporary feeling and fresh, the feeling is loved by the post-90s generation.

2. Black background, very sad non-mainstream style

"Non-mainstream" seems to be a byword for after 90, in front of a black castle, a young sad lover snuggling his back to the back, facing the sea, warm wind slowly, flutter lover's hair again and again, and this kind of feeling is very feel find the scenery pleasing to both the eye and the mind, plus some anodyne lover-like speeches, perhaps is also a kind of unique romantic!

3. Changing roles and making funny appearances

With the growing popularity of online parodies, many wedding studios have also been brave to try a new style of photography for changing roles. Don't tell me, it's a bit fresh! Never mind what others think, just be happy! Bold innovation of the post-90s to their own youth left a special gift, is also quite worth recalling!

4. The dark is the decadent style of personality

As a post-80s personalized upgrade version of the post-90s, wedding photography has its own unique side! Many young people born in the 1990s have more novel ideas about how to dress up. The bride is no longer gentle, a black hat, a black jacket, and a white pleated skirt, said that the lady is not a lady, exaggerated and not exaggerated. The groom also USES this color to match, standing in front of the dark color steel mill has a special flavor; The wedding dress is always clean and beautiful, and the background selection of wedding photos is often surprisingly beautiful. Contrary but after 90 wedding photography, more and more young people like to stand in the old house, in the dark and dirty and broken car company, give a kind of hard to understand temperament and interest, 90 after the wedding photography and added with a characteristic, more and more young people choose to use this kind of unique way to deduce their wedding photos.

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Women love lace wedding dresses


, straight version of spring and summer of 2018, A word, cascading skirts, short skirts and so on wedding dress at the fashion week debut, over the course of A variety of fabrics such as silk, silk, present A beautiful effect, gives the bride-to-be personality, touching color choice. Wedding dress store? Nowadays bridal gown already broke tradition, elegant, dignified is the temperament that the bride must have, individual character, distinctive also is the pursuit of more people. If add better skirt support, can be more perfect beautiful. Before choosing a wedding dress, you must determine the season, exact time, place and style of the wedding. The shoulder-sleeve design that the peng rises, add elegant, lovely in sexy; The bottom part of the bride looks like a princess in Alice in wonderland with a layered gauze skirt.

Simple and short style dress, with a layer of floral lace covered with satin, and a sloping shoulder design to add personality, chic and interesting. Sexy lace is the best carrier to show women's romantic atmosphere and sexy temperament. Compared with traditional silk and satin, lace is more easy to show personality and uniqueness. Dress deserve to act the role of do sufficient homework to collect a few your favorite wedding dress photograph beforehand, make mark, mark the design that you like and board model, especially collar and waist line wait for detail content. Try not to try purple, sapphire blue, cinnamon, lotus root, copper and gold dresses for those with darker, darker skin tones.

But the premise is that you have to have a healthy, tan and bright skin. Flowers, still open big, exaggerated flower more than ever to appear on the wedding dress, designer makes great silk flowers open in the waist, shoulder, back, make a splendid wedding dress like a big garden. Still have two small problems not to mention: it is to collect wedding dress before must wash hands, must not stick on cosmetics, otherwise a long time, there will be small yellow spot on the wedding dress; Still have, the big skirt hoop inside marriage gauze can twist rise collect, but every year when sunning clothes, want to restore skirt hoop original form, lest it lose flexibility. Lace can be used as the main fabric, or as the auxiliary fabric, used in wedding dress. In the past two years, with the popularity of lace in fashion, more and more brides have begun to choose lace wedding dresses. Before choosing a wedding dress, you must determine the season, exact time, place and style of the wedding. It is suggested that when selecting yarn series, under the condition of economic capacity, do not choose products below four layers of yarn.

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